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Ragnarok Biosecurity Responders SKIN
CONCORD Biosecurity Responders are available to be dispatched on emergency call to any space stations, orbital infrastructure or other space-industrial locations in response to disease and pathogen outbreaks of all kinds. The challenges of maintaining biosecurity against infectious pathogens and other disease vectors in space-based infrastructure are multiplied by the cosmopolition and highly-interconnected nature of New Eden's space industry and trade networks. This long-recognised problem was for many decades dealt with by the empires, nations and corporations of New Eden in a rather piecemeal fashion, with disputes over jurisdiction and differing standards commonly arising. Following the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119, and the passage of the interstellar "Hope for All Act", CONCORD established Biosecurity Response Teams, and began to build up its capacity and expertise in the fields of epidemiology and disease management. To that end, CONCORD reached out to partners such as the University of Caille's Department of Epidemiology, Hedion University's School of Medicine, the Sisters of EVE, and the Society of Conscious Thought. Biosecurity Responders are a vital link in any effort to isolate and analyze infectious pathogens spreading through New Eden's space infrastructure, and crucially to prevent spread to planetary populations. Research to develop effective biosecurity methods, treatments and pathogen controls rely on the field research and data provided by the Biosecurity Reponse Teams.
Ragnarok Blue Tiger SKIN
Ragnarok Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN
The Capsuleers are considered an elite group across New Eden and this gilded nanocoating marks that status on Capsuleer Day XV. The YC120 celebrations are the 15th anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the opening up of New Eden's frontiers by immortal clone space pilots. Capsuleer Day XV is a moment for celebration of "The Elite" across New Eden.
Ragnarok Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN
An instrument of liberation, most strikingly known as a weapon to crush the heads of slavers and a tool to break the chains of slaves, the Khumaak is celebrated as the symbol of the Great Rebellion and Minmatar freedom from Amarr domination. The Khumaak (literally "Hand of Maak") is a replica of an ancient Amarrian relic used over 400 years ago by the Minmatar slave Drupar Maak to kill his master, Arkon Ardishapur, on Arzad II. The legend says that Maak was inspired in his struggle for freedom by a vision of Holder Arzad, an Amarr noble who had treated his Starkmanir subjects with dignity. Arzad is said to have told Maak: "The fire in our hearts burns for salvation, redemption, and grace. May the Word of God grant you the courage to save yourself and your people." Maak's killing of the Ardishapur heir sparked a revolt on Arzad II, also known as Starkman Prime. The slaying of Arkon Ardishapur was met with the brutal crushing of the revolt and almost total annihilation of the Starkmanir Tribe by orbital bombardment. The Starkmanir Rebellion preceded the Great Rebellion by over 250 years but its impact is held by historians to have been a major factor in the development of the underground slave movements that would ultimately fight for their freedom in 20 BYC (AD 23216).
Ragnarok Eros Blossom SKIN
Traditional imagery of the petals of a blossom long associated with love and desire adorn the flanks of any ship using this romantically charged nanocoating from the Guardian Angels. Whether those choosing to display this tribute to the Eros Blossom are celebrating a love held close or are seeking another to receive their devotion is left to the observer to decide.
Ragnarok Exoplanets Hunter SKIN
Ragnarok Glacial Drift SKIN
Ragnarok Hazard Control SKIN
Ragnarok Headhunter SKIN
Ragnarok Interstellar Convergence SKIN
This nanocoating is designed to evoke the strangeness and wonder of the paradoxical spacetime environments, and the effects within them, discovered in early YC124. This version of the nanocoating has been augmented with symbolism derived from certain data and artefacts acquired in the paradoxical space. What these symbols may mean remains an outstanding conundrum. The nanocoating is an example of one created by a specialist expert system oriented towards creative work. Recent data from the peculiar warp paradoxes located in New Eden was used by the expert system to create this design. It is rumored that the expert system has subsequently had to be forcibly terminated and destroyed by order of CONCORD.
Ragnarok Justice SKIN
Ragnarok Shakim Warlord SKIN
The clans of the Krusual Tribe, such as the martial Shakim Clan, have a proud history of defiance and maintaining their traditions in the face of the Amarr Empire's invasion of the Minmatar homeworld. From their mountain strongholds the Krusual were the one tribe that successfully resisted the worst of the occupation's ravages. The Shakim Warlords, in particular, were not only fierce defenders of their mountainous domains but also feared among Amarr occupation troops as merciless leaders of raids against the invaders.
Ragnarok Snowline Bladeracer SKIN
In the icy climes of the Northern Mikramurka on Matar there are many traditional forms of transport that take advantage of the snow and ice fields to be found there. One of the most celebrated is still found as a traditional sport around the seismically active western interior of that region. The "bladeracer" sled competitions are usually held on the relatively gentle slopes of the dormant shield volcanoes typically found in the area. The climate means that the upper reaches of the volcanoes are covered in snow and ice all year round but the lower areas remain rather fertile and are warmed by vents. The consequent profusion of heathers and mosses give the hills and slopes their characteristic purple coloration during the "warm" season.
Ragnarok Tronhadar Ink SKIN
Ragnarok Valklear Glory SKIN