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Bifrost Biosecurity Responders SKIN
CONCORD Biosecurity Responders are available to be dispatched on emergency call to any space stations, orbital infrastructure or other space-industrial locations in response to disease and pathogen outbreaks of all kinds. The challenges of maintaining biosecurity against infectious pathogens and other disease vectors in space-based infrastructure are multiplied by the cosmopolition and highly-interconnected nature of New Eden's space industry and trade networks. This long-recognised problem was for many decades dealt with by the empires, nations and corporations of New Eden in a rather piecemeal fashion, with disputes over jurisdiction and differing standards commonly arising. Following the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119, and the passage of the interstellar "Hope for All Act", CONCORD established Biosecurity Response Teams, and began to build up its capacity and expertise in the fields of epidemiology and disease management. To that end, CONCORD reached out to partners such as the University of Caille's Department of Epidemiology, Hedion University's School of Medicine, the Sisters of EVE, and the Society of Conscious Thought. Biosecurity Responders are a vital link in any effort to isolate and analyze infectious pathogens spreading through New Eden's space infrastructure, and crucially to prevent spread to planetary populations. Research to develop effective biosecurity methods, treatments and pathogen controls rely on the field research and data provided by the Biosecurity Reponse Teams.
Bifrost Eden's Hunters SKIN
Eager to support and promote the efforts of capsuleers hunting Triglavian structures and vessels, EDENCOM commissioned the design of a unique nanocoating for use on ships piloted by capsuleers aggressively taking the fight to the enemy. The "Eden's Hunters" nanocoating displays clearly the allegiance of capsuleer seek, destroy and salvage teams to the cause of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative. Funds from the sale of this nanocoating will go directly to the New Eden Defense Fund, aiding the struggle against the invaders.
Bifrost Exoplanets Hunter SKIN
Bifrost Glacial Drift SKIN
Bifrost Hazard Control SKIN
Bifrost Kybernaut Clade SKIN
The Triglavian Collective has not been universally opposed by all in New Eden, with subversive elements across New Eden finding something attractive, even uplifting in Zorya Triglav's message of "proving and joining the flow". The radicals of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization, also known as "Intriguerre", claim that the Triglavian invasion represents "a dynamic moment of challenge and opportunity for posthumanity". Intriguerre's propagandists have released a ship nanocoating displaying allegiance to the Collective under the name "Kybernaut Clade", in reference to the Triglavian term for capsuleers.
Bifrost Liberation Games SKIN
This nanocoating celebrates the Minmatar Liberation Games, with a pattern suggesting the arc of Pator's sunlight over the blue seas of the planet Matar. The symbolism evokes the unity of the tribes as one people born under the sun of Pator on life-giving Matar. The Liberation Games are a celebration of Minmatar freedom, memorial of the past, and reminder that defense of the Seven Tribes is the duty of all.
Bifrost Snowline Bladeracer SKIN
In the icy climes of the Northern Mikramurka on Matar there are many traditional forms of transport that take advantage of the snow and ice fields to be found there. One of the most celebrated is still found as a traditional sport around the seismically active western interior of that region. The "bladeracer" sled competitions are usually held on the relatively gentle slopes of the dormant shield volcanoes typically found in the area. The climate means that the upper reaches of the volcanoes are covered in snow and ice all year round but the lower areas remain rather fertile and are warmed by vents. The consequent profusion of heathers and mosses give the hills and slopes their characteristic purple coloration during the "warm" season.
Bifrost Tronhadar Ink SKIN
Bifrost Valklear Glory SKIN