Noctis Eden's Hunters SKIN
Eager to support and promote the efforts of capsuleers hunting Triglavian structures and vessels, EDENCOM commissioned the design of a unique nanocoating for use on ships piloted by capsuleers aggressively taking the fight to the enemy. The "Eden's Hunters" nanocoating displays clearly the allegiance of capsuleer seek, destroy and salvage teams to the cause of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative. Funds from the sale of this nanocoating will go directly to the New Eden Defense Fund, aiding the struggle against the invaders.
Noctis Glacial Drift SKIN
Noctis Kybernaut Clade SKIN
The Triglavian Collective has not been universally opposed by all in New Eden, with subversive elements across New Eden finding something attractive, even uplifting in Zorya Triglav's message of "proving and joining the flow". The radicals of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization, also known as "Intriguerre", claim that the Triglavian invasion represents "a dynamic moment of challenge and opportunity for posthumanity". Intriguerre's propagandists have released a ship nanocoating displaying allegiance to the Collective under the name "Kybernaut Clade", in reference to the Triglavian term for capsuleers.
Noctis Lodestrike SKIN
To mark the successful development, construction and firing of the Upwell Consortium's new moon drilling technology, ORE fleets dedicated to mining asteroids produced by blasting moon chunks apart adopted a special new livery. The striking design shows off the association of any ship bearing it with the awesome power of the moon drill beam and blast technology.
Noctis Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN
Outer Ring Excavations is not afraid to explore hostile territory in search of valuable asteroids and other harvestable resource fields. In order to break through to potential resources in dangerous systems, ORE will send specialist pioneer fleets that are unusually heavily-armed and supported by combat vessels. One of the most effective such groups in ORE's organization is Pioneer Group 4C-B7X VIII Alpha, famous throughout ORE as the original "Rockbreaker Pioneers".
Noctis Rosada Dawn SKIN