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Precursor Battleships

Leshak Blackfire Steel SKIN
The strangely fiery black heart of the Triglavian Collective's ships is echoed in the dark steel hull and red highlights of this nanocoating for the ship designs of the Abyssal civilization.
Leshak Eden's Hunters SKIN
Eager to support and promote the efforts of capsuleers hunting Triglavian structures and vessels, EDENCOM commissioned the design of a unique nanocoating for use on ships piloted by capsuleers aggressively taking the fight to the enemy. The "Eden's Hunters" nanocoating displays clearly the allegiance of capsuleer seek, destroy and salvage teams to the cause of the New Eden Common Defense Initiative. Funds from the sale of this nanocoating will go directly to the New Eden Defense Fund, aiding the struggle against the invaders.
Leshak Hadean Horror SKIN
Entertainment corporations across New Eden have been quick to rush out new holoreel productions focusing on the Triglavians and Abyssal Deadspace. Be it Echelon Entertainment's patriotic "Abyssal Intruders", the Leisure Group's lurid "Triglavian Tryst", or the wildly popular "Hadean Horrors" from Impetus. Using the special effects from "Hadean Horrors" as a template, a nanocoating and holographic package for the capsuleer market was developed for those pilots who have adopted Triglavian ship designs. This monstrous design lends a somewhat alien menace to ships it is applied to, enhancing the intimidating and aggressive look of Triglavian vessels.
Leshak Kybernaut Clade SKIN
The Triglavian Collective has not been universally opposed by all in New Eden, with subversive elements across New Eden finding something attractive, even uplifting in Zorya Triglav's message of "proving and joining the flow". The radicals of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization, also known as "Intriguerre", claim that the Triglavian invasion represents "a dynamic moment of challenge and opportunity for posthumanity". Intriguerre's propagandists have released a ship nanocoating displaying allegiance to the Collective under the name "Kybernaut Clade", in reference to the Triglavian term for capsuleers.
Leshak Metamateria Exotica SKIN
Experiments with Triglavian ship technology have included focus on the various metamaterials used in their construction. Taking advantage of the similarity of Triglavian hull coatings to the nanocoatings used with New Eden ship technology, a number of tests have been carried out aimed at achieving stealth effects in Abyssal Deadspace environments. One attempt at achieving a disruptive, stealth camouflage effect involved using exotic metamaterials to achieve a similarity to the exotic particle fields that can be found in certain abyssal environments. While the resultant nanocoating pattern is very striking, it is of very limited use as camouflage, with detection systems being quite capable of picking out ships using it even against the background of heavy exotic particle storms.
Leshak Netherworld Striker SKIN
Developed to celebrate the efforts of capsuleers striking into the depths of Abyssal Deadspace, when this high visibility nanocoating catches a stray beam of light it makes an impressive showing, even in the netherworld of the Triglavian Collective.
Leshak Red Meatgrinder SKIN
This special commemorative nanocoating celebrates the historic Siege of C-J6MT, a major battle from the early years of capsuleer empire-building and territorial warfare. In May YC108, the Siege of C-J6MT began as the beleaguered forces of Red Alliance formed to defend their last stronghold against their deadly foes in the "Coalition of the South". Although outnumbered, the Red Alliance pilots were determined to sell themselves dearly and based their tactics around their core defensive starbase and packs of hit-and-run Tempest-class battleships. When Coalition forces mounted their assault, the starbase and Tempest squadrons wreaked havoc on the attackers. So high was the butcher's bill racked up by the Red Alliance starbase it was given the nickname "The Meatgrinder" by the defenders. Ultimately, the Siege of C-J6MT was won by Red Alliance and proved a turning point in the conflict with the Coalition of the South.
Leshak Singularity Storm SKIN
Triglavian ships use a nanocoating technology on their external surfaces that is sufficiently similar to that used with the ships of other races to allow adaptation of commercial nanocoatings for use with them. Some configurations of the nanocoatings produce striking effects due to the interaction between the surface coating and the unusual design elements of Triglavian vessels. One of these configurations takes a small amount of the excess radiation from the singularity energy systems of Triglavian ships and produces an electrical discharge on the surface of the ship. While eye-catching and unusual, this effect has a negligible impact on the performance characteristics of the ship.
Leshak Triglavian Victory SKIN
This rare nanocoating was designed and manufactured by the Independent Gaming Commission exclusively as a prize for alliances that achieved victory over their opponents in Alliance Tournament XVI in YC120. Designed to apply to Triglavian ship designs obtained by CONCORD, this SKIN uses prototype adapters to enable its application to a number of related ship hulls using the same instruction set.