Logistics Type-II

 Type ID355516
Volume0.01 m3
Mass0 kg
 Base Price4,905 ISK
Capacity0 m3
Type Info
Type ID355516
Group IDInfantry Dropsuits [351064]


The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest in integrated diagnostic technology, most of which revolves around maintaining the condition and efficiency of squad mates and their equipment. As such, a soldier equipped with this class of dropsuit becomes a force multiplier, greatly improving the overall effectiveness of the unit.
Utilizing a combination of high- and low-tech equipment, operators of the logistics suit are able to make effective repairs to installations, vehicles, and even other soldiers; every apparatus required for field triage is present and easily accessible from the utility pockets and satchels attached to the suit. Its hydraulic assisted exoskeleton allows the wearer to effortlessly hoist heavy equipment, while the helmet is packed with material scanners sensitive enough to spot microfractures in layered steel.
When deployed, a soldier equipped with a Logistics suit fills a vital tactical role in small unit operations and full-scale warfare, providing both, medical and mechanical support.