Planet Organic - Raw Resource

At the very bottom of the food chain are autotrophs, those organisms that produce carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for higher life forms to consume. When properly gathered and ordered, they can be plied into industrial fibers, which then go on to contribute to advanced material technologies.
Carbon Compounds
Often referred to as the building blocks of life, carbon compounds form the basis of most organic material; hence, they are ideally suited for use in the early development of advanced, reactive molecules, such as those used in biofuel and supertensile structures.
Complex Organisms
Organic flora and fauna growing on worlds across the cluster technically qualify as “alien life,” though none of it has registered as sentient. However, their usefulness as comestibles or building materials in other areas of industry is invaluable.
Any life form too small to be detected by the unaided human eye qualifies as a microorganism, yet as a whole, this classification of biology covers an enormous and diverse spectrum. From parasites and viruses to fungi and insects, the study or industrial application of these creatures is just as broad.
Planktic Colonies
Harvested in mass quantities, planktic colonies are used for much more than just a bulk food source that flourishes in water-rich environments. Their cumulative biomass has advanced properties that contribute to some of the most advanced material and medical sciences in New Eden.