Advanced Commodities - Tier 4

Broadcast Node
By integrating transcranial microcontrollers into a circuit made from synthetic synapses, the broadcast node is able to communicate directly with various station functions and with negligible signal loss and latency. The addition of computerized guidance systems, each running independent navigation system software routines, allows a single node to coordinate starship docking procedures, drone operations, and even station defenses.
Integrity Response Drones
Hull breaches are a constant, serious threat during space travel, as well as a dangerous reality to orbital stations, which are too massive to avoid incoming objects. Integrity response drones help mitigate that threat by providing the automated, immediate application of sealants to any detected impact or pressure fracture in the structure they patrol.
Only the highly advanced Ukomi superconductor can be rendered small enough for use in nano-factories, microscopic devices programmed to absorb and recycle ambient material into useful matter. Each factory is built from reactive metals, ensuring that they interact properly – or not at all – with their environment, while a mote of industrial explosive automatically destroys them when they have completed their task.
Organic Mortar Applicators
While nanites are ideal for many forms of construction, sealing joints between large structural bulkheads is a job best left to organic mortar, a thick gel that actively permeates every microscopic gap between two parts. Due to the aggressive nature of the genetically engineered bacteria that intelligently guides into place the hardening condensate material, this paste is extremely hazardous to humans and must be applied by robots.
Recursive Computing Module
Not all automated functions are delicate or complicated enough to warrant advanced computer hardware; relatively mundane tasks are best when assigned to an RCM bank. These sturdy, reliable processing units are able to effectively handle most of the day-to-day operations of stations, starships, and stargates.
Self-Harmonizing Power Core
Camera drones diligently monitor temperature, radioactivity and electrical output of these advanced nuclear reactions. This allows instant adjustments that result in maximum efficiency. With such advanced automation, no human attention is required whatsoever.
Sterile Conduits
Sustaining diverse populations of station inhabitants – many of whom come from different worlds with different ecologies – was a medical nightmare until the development of sterile conduits. Each length of flexible, self-repairing tube is powered by breaking down the chemical energy in the water they convey, which itself is laced with smart vaccines able to identify and destroy almost any known antigen.
Wetware Mainframe
So advanced and energy-demanding are wetware mainframes that they require vehicle-scale power cores and the constant attention of maintenance personnel. When operating at peak performance levels, nothing in New Eden can match the raw computing power of these machines, from calculating warp coordinates to administrating the core functions of an entire space station.