Incursion Sansha's Nation Capital

The Kundalini Manifest
True power lies within all of us. Coiled beneath our fears and insecurities like a resting serpent, it has waited with infinite patience for those last few layers of our imperfection to be stripped away. It waits, as we strive, for a freedom only this part of ourselves truly deserves. For as long as human history records, we have ignored what we truly are, and worse, we have ignored everything we could yet become. We must learn, now, to let go. Not everything we have taken with us so far on this journey should remain. Our flaws and faults, these near-indelible errors pervading throughout human history, they can all be removed. Together, as one, we can overcome the enemy within. - Sansha Kuvakei
We are one, birthed from the clash of opposites.A synthesis 13 billion years in waiting. The era of false promises is fading from view, and for the first time we can now look ahead on this path and begin to see the totality of our journey. We are flag bearers for an age without the weakness of humanity. The first to glimpse at a life beyond those known by our predecessors. We are humanity's first and best hope to become something more. Flawed and imperfect creatures, our enemies lumber obliviously toward this moment. Just as we march alongside them, toward the day when everything will change and we will remake the world once more. They intend to struggle against the approaching dawn, yet there is no war. There is only inevitability. -Sansha Kuvakei