Tactical Destroyer Blueprint

Confessor Blueprint
The Confessor-class Tactical Destroyer was developed for the glory of the Amarr Empire in YC116 with the invaluable aid of ninety-four loyal capsuleers. The most dedicated of these pilots were: Ascentior SALVATIONCOME4TRUBELIVER TYGODAMEN Blaze Tiberius Makoto Priano Ibrahim Tash-Murkon Lunarisse Aspenstar Methos Horseman Chiralos Soren Tyrhanos Dreadnaught X
Hecate Blueprint
The Hecate-class Tactical Destroyer was developed for the defense of the Gallente Federation in YC117 with the invaluable aid of one hundred and thirty-nine valorous capsuleers. The most significant contributors among these pilots were: Shipstorm Silverdaddy Riyusone Haro Kiera Minaris Lauralyn Zendatori Oreamnos Amric snowdor Dominique Saint-Clair Fred Strangelove Donaldo Duck
Jackdaw Blueprint
The Jackdaw-class Tactical Destroyer was developed in YC117 for use by the Caldari State, its constituent megacorporations, and its allies. One hundred and thirty four capsuleers contributed invaluable assistance towards the development of this warship. The greatest of these pilots were: TorDog Makoto Priano Solecist Project Asuna Crossbreed IAm NumberSix Iv d'Este Alvarez Akachi Sany Saccante darkezero Kara Korbrey
Svipul Blueprint
The Svipul-class Tactical Destroyer was developed on behalf of the Minmatar people in YC117 with the invaluable aid of eighty-seven dedicated capsuleers. Of these pilots, the greatest contributors were: Lotrec Emetin Robert Warner Dr Scott Esrevid Nekkeg SambaSol Nrone3 Agalder Myronik Lynnu Maataak Shalmon Aliatus