Irregular Battlecruiser

Blood Raider Battlecruiser
Engage and destroy to claim the bounty CONCORD has placed on this pilot.
Carousing Talos
The Talos began in YC 110 as a R&D concept by ORE. Conceived as a patrol craft for mining operations in lawless space, the Talos would have been abandoned completely were it not adopted by the Black Eagles, a black-ops branch of the Gallente government. The Black Eagles stripped the Talos of non-essential systems and bolted on battleship-class weapons, creating a quick-strike craft ideal for guerilla action. The Talos remained a military secret until YC 113, when it was introduced into wider circulation as a third tier battlecruiser. Today the Talos is manufactured by Duvolle Labs, who modified the original ORE designs to bring it in line with Gallente standards.
Carousing Tornado
The force with which this ship hits is more than sufficient to leave a trail of shattered enemies, floating around like so much lifeless debris. An adaptable vessel, it has enough turret hardpoints for a full-scale assault while remaining versatile enough to allow for plenty of missile fire, and has both sufficient speed to outrun its enemies and sufficient capacitor charge to outlast them.
Deathglow Splendorcook
The Deathglow Hunters are probably the most grotesque and filth-encrusted gang of chem-cooking loons in all of New Eden. Their Deathglow Splendorcooks are high-ranking masters of the art of "cooking" Deathglow from the yield of Cthonic Attar their loathesome underlings bring them. The Splendorcooks are the source of the best refined Deathglow and ensure that the weird and vile boosters keep flowing from this illegal boosters ring into the underground markets of New Eden. Tolerated by the Blood Raiders for the profits to be had from selling Deathglow, the gang is nevertheless regarded with disdain by the Covenant's regular "priesthood of all believers". CONCORD intelligence indicates that the Blood Raiders have recently developed synaptic acceleration technology using Deathglow, the street name for Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls: unstable, mind-altering chemicals that can be refined and processed from Cthonic Attar ores usually found only in intermediate deadspace zones.
Dragonaurs Drake
This vessel is operating as part of a taskforce protecting a Templis Dragonaurs staging facility. CONCORD intelligence suggests that the Dragonaurs are trading in advanced technology with other criminal and terrorist organizations. The Templis Dragonaurs are an ultra-nationalist Caldari organization considered terrorists by most governments of New Eden. The Templis Dragonaurs reached the zenith of their influence when former member Tibus Heth brought their paramilitary units under control of his Caldari Providence Directorate government. While many Dragonaurs were rooted out following the fall of Heth and the Provists, it is believed they maintain large numbers of infiltrators and agents throughout the Caldari State and its megacorps.
EoM Devout Fanatic
This is a combat battlecruiser of the fanatical Equilibrium of Mankind organization, a radical and heretical Amarr sect dedicated to an apocalyptic religious ideology. Members of the EoM can be found across New Eden, attempting to accomplish their supposedly "divine mission" of annihilating the human race within the cluster and leaving it for God alone.
Guardian Angels Hanael
A battlecruiser-grade variant of the Angel Cartel's Cynabal-class vessel used by members of the Guardian Angels on special missions.
Guristas Battlecruiser
Guristas Battlecruiser 4-4
Harvest Diviner
This is a fighter for the Blood Raiders. It is protecting the assets of Blood Raiders and may attack anyone it perceives as a threat or easy pickings. Threat level: Deadly.
Noumenal Interruptor
The design of this Sleeper drone is similar to ancient battlecruiser-grade vessels that operate as guardian drones in Anoikis. Certain differences of detail, and lack of the scarring typical on Sleeper drones of this size, indicates it is part of a wave of drones that have only very recently been built and launched. This formidable Sleeper drone is part of a force operating in conjunction with Drifter strike groups and represents an escalation into New Eden from the depths of Anoikis.
Purist Cardinal
A battlecruiser class Purist Cardinal.
Sansha's Hailburst Stormwight
Sansha's Nation have mobilized a large fleet from their reserves to stake a claim to the resources of metaliminal volatile ice storms appearing across New Eden. The deadly fighting vessels of the Nation's Wightstorm Fleet should not be taken lightly by those seeking riches in the dangerous expanses of the ice storms. This heavy raiding vessel has been sent to claim resource-rich ice storms for Sansha's Nation and is well armed with an array of deadly weapons. Threat level: Deadly.
Serpentis Battlecruiser
Engage and destroy to claim the bounty CONCORD has placed on this pilot.
Shining Flame Oracle
Type-A Anomalous Alvatis
Type-C Anomalous Alvatis
Voivode Jarognik Drekavac
A heavy, intermediate warship that appears to be the Collective's equivalent of a combat battlecruiser, the Drekavac is capable of mounting Heavy Entropic Disintegrators and an array of support weapons. This particular Dekavac variant appears to be engineered towards damage application and remote repair capabilities. Drekavac Subclade of Perun Clade relinquished the adaptation schema of reverse-time accepted 243 tactical troika classification cladeship into the proving grounds of Perun Clade on the assent-conjunction of prayer from Gromovi and Samovda Subclades. Evocation of playful communion across repeated-time by tactical troika in sub-15, sub-21 and sub-27 exclaves of repeated conduit loop construct-303 is under now-time pressure. – partial translation of data included recovered design schematics of the Drekavac