Abyssal Materials

Crystalline Isogen-10
This rare isotope of the mineral Isogen naturally forms stable bipyramidal crystals in the absence of the tremendous forces that typically form the more common crystal forms of Isogen, such as found in asteroids or moons. Crystalline Isogen-10 can form in space under the correct local conditions, typically requiring the abnormal gravitation fields that are found in unusual configurations of space-time topology like Abyssal Deadspace. Isogen-10 has been determined to be useful in the construction of light but strong materials suited to varying gravitational forces and associated accelerations. It is possible this form of Isogen could be broken down into other isotopes but they would likely be unstable, and such processes would run the risk of unleashing large quantities of energy.
Mutaplasmid Residue
This is a dormant mutaplasmid residue extracted by reprocessing a piece of equipment bioadapted with a specialized mutaplasmid colony. This substance is not immediately capable of technology mutation without being integrated in a bioadaptive tool. However, it should provide useful starter material for the development of an active mutaplasmid colony suitable for use in bioadaptive technology. Triglavian bioadaptive technology makes extensive use of engineered colonies of extremophilic bacteria, that are used to grow, harvest and adapt various resources found in Abyssal Deadspace. Artificial colonizing plasmids integrated into specialist tools used for direct adaptation of technology can be found in Triglavian caches in various stages of development. These mutaplasmids can be used to alter the characteristics of a wide variety of equipment types, depending on the strain and the bioadaptive tool with which they are integrated.
Zero-Point Condensate
Held within a field-reinforced vacuum bottle of Triglavian design, this exotic matter condensate seems intended for use with zero-point energy systems involved in generating or maintaining traversable space-time conduits. The ubiquity of this substance in Triglavian technology suggests it has many applications, some of which are complex and poorly understood. However, in relatively straightforward applications this condensate can be used as an element of high-energy weapon charges. The substance also has uses in the construction of advanced materials, providing the basis for high-energy reactions involved in the manufacturing of components designed to experience hyper-intense levels of radiation and warp-field manipulation.