Homefront Operations Structure

Blood Raider Temple
A place of worship for the infamous Blood Raiders, one of the most ruthless and violent Sani Sabik cults.
Cartel Racket HQ
This Angel Cartel station was constructed to act as a base for their protection racketeering in the surrounding solar systems. It receives encrypted transactions to be made by local clans and houses a fleet of ships ready to attack any who fail to pay on time.
Charon Repatriator
Part of a convoy of ships repatriating valuable Caldari assets from outside the State, this Charon is the last survivor following an ambush by Guristas Pirates.
Clan Commons
The primary structure and heart of a Minmatar clan holding. It is a common space where the clan comes together to hold clan assemblies, work, play, share their history, and educate their children.
Damaged Werpost
Decommissioned Base
Once a part of the Federal defense network and missile response system, this decommissioned base is now being used as an operation center by the Gallentia Primacy. This terrorist group has refitted the remote launch transmitters inside the base and plans on using them to launch a deadly assault on a Federal administrative structure somewhere in this system.
Destabilizing Array
As long as their capacitor remains charged, these arrays are capable of flooding a rift in space with multivariant energy patterns that will cause it to destabilize and close.
Holy Mission
Home to a missionary service charged with providing charitable support to those who have been freed as a result of performing services for the Empire. It has come under attack by the Disciples of Purity as they oppose the slim possibility of social mobility this charity represents.
Longshot Relay
A Minmatar device designed to receive and then transmit data to a receiver light-years away, most likely all the way back in Republic space.
Master Controller
The Master Controller is an essential element of a fully automated drone network. It monitors all software and behaviors on the system, eliminating any erroneous elements that stray outside predefined parameters. If it malfunctions or fails then more advanced AIs can drift from their programming and run the risk of a rogue infestation.
Megafinance Siphoner
This tower houses a computer running a low-level AI backed up by over a kilometer of CPUs to provide additional computational power, all dedicated to performing one task - the discreet moving of financial assets. Using encrypted accounting operations, gigalayered financing initiatives and capable of executing billions of operations a second, the Siphoner is able to move trillions of ISK while making it nearly impossible for any other device or human to discern where creds have moved from or to.
Occupied Industrial Housing
The structure where workers assigned to this site live, eat, perform recreation activities, and spend all their time while not working. It has been occupied and repainted by UCF forces protesting wartime measures brought in by the Caldari State.
Quantum-Override Broadcaster
A Gallente-designed system-range broadcast tower that uses quantum fields to transmit. The Broadcaster is slow to charge, but once ready its signal overpowers almost any receiving device within its range.
Sacred Exploiter
An Imperial construct designed to transmit a virus that finds and exploits vulnerabilities in other devices, forcing them to malfunction as destructively as possible.