Festival Charges

Angels Arisen Firework
The Angel Cartel is more than just a criminal gang, at least in its own eyes, and uses complex and mystical iconography at every level of its organization. The Angels are much given to celebrating their successes in fine style and the 'Angels Arisen' pyrotechnic charge is used to signal their greatest triumphs.
Barium Firework
Barium Firework CXIV
Blood Dagger Firework
The Blood Raider Covenant likes to spread fear and intimidate its victims, and any that might think of standing up to them, with display and shock tactics wherever possible. The use of pyrotechnic displays to overawe the credulous is a stock tactic and the 'Blood Dagger' firework nicely serves that purpose.
Cherubic Heartburst Firework
This special pyrotechnic display charge celebrates love and desire in dramatic fashion with multiple fireworks tracing symbolic paths to a final explosive burst. The romantic side of the notorious Guardian Angels is shown off once again in an impressive use of micro-rockets and pyrotechnic charges.
Copper Firework
Copper Firework CXIV
Crimson Scythes Firework
Ominous signal of the Blood Raider Covenant's yearly Crimson Harvest cult festival, the 'Crimson Scythes' firework is considered to be in rather poor taste when used for casual purposes. This has certainly not stopped it being a favorite among fans of the 'Sani Sabik Pop' music scene.
Crown Imperial Firework
The Amarr calendar is replete with feast days and many provide an opportunity to let off fireworks and indulge in complicated pyrotechnic displays, often accompanied by massed religious choirs and the sweeping music of symphonies to the glory of Empire. The 'Crown Imperial' firework is a favorite with the crowds and is at its most spectacular when seen in space.
Easter Firework
Eros Blossom Firework
This firework impressively symbolizes love and desire with a display using traditional imagery rendered in glorious pyrotechnics. Showing a certain romantic side to the notorious Guardian Angels that commissioned it, this fiery blossom's micro-rockets bring the display to a climax with an impressively explosive finishing burst of flame.
Fangs of the Serpent Firework
The Serpentis Corporation likes to hold celebrations for staff, clients and potential patrons of its extensive pharmaceutical manufacturing and research activities and the 'Fangs of the Serpent' firework is a signature of such events. The CONCORD and core empire authorities consider such gatherings to be meetings of 'a drug cartel and its criminal allies' but many still participate in the famed gatherings sponsored by Salvador Sarpati.
Flames of the Rebellion Firework
A stunning celebration of the Great Rebellion, the explosive 'Flames of Rebellion' firework symbolizes the great breakout of the rebellion followed by the joining in one circle of the tribes of Minmatar. This firework is extremely popular with Minmatar of all ages. The Amarr Empire forbids its subjects from even owning this pyrotechnic, let alone permitting them to set it off. Capsuleers are less daunted by such proscriptions and Minmatar pilots delight in displaying it in Amarr territory.
Four Freedoms Firework
This very popular Gallente firework is intended to celebrate the 'Four Freedoms' that are considered to be at the core of the Federation's way of life: the Freedoms of Thought, Expression, Association and Movement. This pyrotechnic expression of the Four Freedoms flowing out from the Federal constitution across space is a regular sight on Gallente holidays.
Halloween 2019 Firework
Nation Uplifts Firework
Sinister and foreboding for most, this pyrotechnic has been used to shock and awe planetary and colony populations ahead of Sansha's Nation raids for the purpose of 'uplifting' the inhabitants. The use of the 'Nation Uplifts' firework is considered tantamount to shouting 'Fire!' in a Holovid Theater but capsuleers have been known to weave it into their own displays.
Naughty People Firework
The Guristas Pirates are very proud of their roots in elite fighter and frigate squadrons of the Caldari Navy, and their trademark 'Naughty People' firework celebrates that heritage with a symbolic dogfight rendered in spiraling pyrotechnics.
Pulsar Flare Firework
Space makes a spectacular backdrop for fireworks but the zero-gravity environment also allows pyrotechnics to take special advantage and achieve effects that are truly awe-inspiring. The 'Pulsar Flare' firework celebrates astronomical phenomena while putting on a great show for the audience.
Snowball CXIV
This snowball is bigger than your head. Its shape looks suspiciously like it could fit into a snowball launcher with great ease.
Sodium Firework
Sodium Firework CXIV
Spacetime Singularity Firework
A truly impressive pyrotechnic display, the 'Spacetime Singularity' firework is often used in multiples, launched in carefully co-ordinated spreads to create vast geometric displays. A solo burst from this firework is still an incredible sight as streams of light radiate in six directions across space.
Stargazer Lantern Firework
Achur spiritualism takes many forms, and influences many aspects of their culture, but aside from the monastic orders of Achura (Saisio III), it rarely approaches the level of organized religion. The Stargazers are an example of a particular form of popular Achur spiritualism that eschews supernatural revelation in favor of a philosophy that aims to understand the world through observation and contemplation of the stars. Using visionary interpretations based on a kind of "as above, so below" thinking, the Stargazers emphasize awareness of the surrounding universe and understanding of the living world beyond the self. Stargazer festivals are held wherever the viewing is good and for obvious reasons are conducted in darkness. By ancient rule, only shrouded red-light lanterns are permitted, and then only for safe movement to and from the viewing fields or vantage points. At the end of a Stargazer gathering, it is traditional to unshroud the lanterns and send them aloft by various means to symbolize the insights the Stargazers have garnered being sent out to the wider universe. The Stargazer Lantern pyrotechnic is a spectacular means of celebrating Achur festivals, or similar celebrations among other peoples of New Eden, and is popular among those living and working in space.
Wheel of Prosperity Firework
The Caldari are well known for their festivals, a means by which they enliven and relieve lives marked by service to the 'Big 8' megas as they strive to climb the corporate ladder. The 'Wheel of Prosperity' firework is a great favorite with Caldari citizens of all ages, signifying as it does the opportunities that are available to all in the market-driven society of the Caldari State.
Wings of Victory Firework
Celebrations of victory and notable triumphs are often accompanied by glorious displays of fireworks. The Wings of Victory pyrotechnic is one of the most striking and justly famed for its clever use of micro-rockets to achieve its memorable effect.
Yoiul Blizzard Firework
The Yoiul Blizzard firework is in truth an "icework" as it is a unique explosive charge that creates a storm of icy crystals in space, mimicking a wintry blizzard. The fragmentary scraps of data that the empires used to construct the New Eden Standard Calendar provide a hint that a winter festival had some importance in the later months of the year for the legendary forebears of humanity. Not all inhabited worlds of New Eden have seasons but those that do mark the increased snow and wind of their winter equivalents in various ways.
Yoiul Festival Firework