Artifacts and Prototypes

Angel Advanced Trigger Mechanism
Angel Dynamic Calibrator
Angel Simple Trigger Mechanism
Angel Spatial Analyzer
Angel Standard Trigger Mechanism
Blood Raider Extreme Ballistic Control
Blood Raider Limited Ballistic Control
Blood Raider Power Redistributor
Blood Raider Regular Ballistic Control
Blood Raider Weapon Integration Unit
Guristas Graviton Hardening
Guristas Gravity Focuser
Guristas Heavy Weapon Console
Guristas Light Weapon Console
Guristas Medium Weapon Console
Serpentis 3D Scanner Gamut
Serpentis Basic Target Guider
Serpentis Complex Target Guider
Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor
This heavily customized tactical processing unit was designed by Guardian Angel engineers for the use in Serpentis capital ships. It contains special optimizations for improved fire control routines and precise stasis webifier operation.
Serpentis Multi-tasking Processor
Serpentis Plain Target Guider
Sleeper Heat Nullifying Coil
Sleeper Hyperbooster
Sleeper Nanite Cluster
Sleeper Reintegration Control
Sleeper Thermal Regulator
Takmahl Biodroid Controller
Takmahl Dynamic Gauge
Takmahl Gyro Ballast
Takmahl Phrenic Appendix
Takmahl Quantum Sphere
Talocan Perpetual Clock
Talocan Solid Atomizer
Talocan Stasis Deflector
Talocan Stasis Inverter
Talocan System Interface Unit
Yan Jung Crystal Cylinder
Yan Jung Paradox Box
Yan Jung Tachyon Stetoscope
Yan Jung Thunder Kite
Yan Jung Void Machine