All Manufacture & Research

Blueprints of items used for manufacturing and research processes

Antimatter Reactor Unit Blueprint
Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal Blueprint
Capital Antimatter Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Armor Plates Blueprint
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint
Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint
Capital Computer System Blueprint
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint
Capital Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint
Capital Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Deflection Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint
Capital Electrolytic Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital EM Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Fusion Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Fusion Thruster Blueprint
Capital Gravimetric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Graviton Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Graviton Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Ion Thruster Blueprint
Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint
Capital Ladar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Laser Focusing Crystals Blueprint
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint
Capital Linear Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Magnetometric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Magpulse Thruster Blueprint
Capital Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Nanomechanical Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Nuclear Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Nuclear Reactor Unit Blueprint
Capital Oscillator Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Particle Accelerator Unit Blueprint
Capital Photon Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Plasma Pulse Generator Blueprint
Capital Plasma Thruster Blueprint
Capital Power Generator Blueprint
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint
Capital Pulse Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Quantum Microprocessor Blueprint
Capital Radar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Scalar Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint
Capital Siege Array Blueprint
Capital Superconductor Rails Blueprint
Capital Sustained Shield Emitter Blueprint
Capital Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Capital Thermonuclear Trigger Unit Blueprint
Capital Titanium Diborite Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate Blueprint
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint
Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint
Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint
Deflection Shield Emitter Blueprint
Electrolytic Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Electromechanical Interface Nexus Blueprint
EM Pulse Generator Blueprint
Emergent Neurovisual Interface Blueprint
Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint
Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate Blueprint
Fullerene Intercalated Sheets Blueprint
Fulleroferrocene Power Conduits Blueprint
Fusion Reactor Unit Blueprint
Fusion Thruster Blueprint
G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
Genetic Lock Preserver Blueprint
Genetic Mutation Inhibiter Blueprint
Genetic Safeguard Filter Blueprint
Genetic Structure Repairer Blueprint
Gravimetric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Gravimetric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
Graviton Pulse Generator Blueprint
Graviton Reactor Unit Blueprint
Helium Fuel Block Blueprint
Hydrogen Fuel Block Blueprint
Ion Thruster Blueprint
Ladar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Ladar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
Laser Focusing Crystals Blueprint
Life Support Backup Unit Blueprint
Linear Shield Emitter Blueprint
Magnetometric Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Magnetometric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
Magpulse Thruster Blueprint
Metallofullerene Plating Blueprint
Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint
Nanomechanical Microprocessor Blueprint
Nanowire Composites Blueprint
Neurolink Enhancer Reservoir Blueprint
Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint
Neurovisual Output Analyzer Blueprint
Nitrogen Fuel Block Blueprint
Nuclear Pulse Generator Blueprint
Nuclear Reactor Unit Blueprint
Optimized Nano-Engines Blueprint
Oscillator Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Oxygen Fuel Block Blueprint
Particle Accelerator Unit Blueprint
Photon Microprocessor Blueprint
Plasma Pulse Generator Blueprint
Plasma Thruster Blueprint
Programmable Purification Membrane Blueprint
Pulse Shield Emitter Blueprint
Quantum Microprocessor Blueprint
R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
R.A.M.- Ammunition Tech Blueprint
R.A.M.- Armor/Hull Tech Blueprint
R.A.M.- Electronics Blueprint
R.A.M.- Energy Tech Blueprint
R.A.M.- Robotics Blueprint
R.A.M.- Shield Tech Blueprint
R.A.M.- Starship Tech Blueprint
R.A.M.- Weapon Tech Blueprint
R.Db - Boundless Creations Blueprint
R.Db - Carthum Conglomerate Blueprint
R.Db - Core Complexion Blueprint
R.Db - CreoDron Blueprint
R.Db - Duvolle Labs Blueprint
R.Db - Ishukone Blueprint
R.Db - Kaalakiota Blueprint
R.Db - Khanid Innovation Blueprint
R.Db - Lai Dai Blueprint
R.Db - Roden Shipyards Blueprint
R.Db - Thukker Mix Blueprint
R.Db - Viziam Blueprint
Radar Sensor Cluster Blueprint
Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
Reconfigured Subspace Calibrator Blueprint
Reinforced Metallofullerene Alloys Blueprint
S-R Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
Scalar Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Self-Assembling Nanolattice Blueprint
Structure Acceleration Coils Blueprint
Structure Advertisement Nexus Blueprint
Structure Construction Parts Blueprint
Structure Docking Bay Blueprint
Structure Electromagnetic Sensor Blueprint
Structure EXERT Conduit Coupler Blueprint
Structure Factory Blueprint
Structure Hangar Array Blueprint
Structure Laboratory Blueprint
Structure Market Network Blueprint
Structure Medical Center Blueprint
Structure Mission Network Blueprint
Structure Office Center Blueprint
Structure Repair Facility Blueprint
Structure Reprocessing Plant Blueprint
Structure Storage Bay Blueprint
Superconducting Gravimetric Amplifier Blueprint
Superconducting Ladar Amplifier Blueprint
Superconducting Magnetometric Amplifier Blueprint
Superconducting Radar Amplifier Blueprint
Superconductor Rails Blueprint
Sustained Shield Emitter Blueprint
Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint
Thermonuclear Trigger Unit Blueprint
Titanium Diborite Armor Plate Blueprint
Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate Blueprint
U-C Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
Warfare Computation Core Blueprint