Special Edition Shuttles

Shuttles which have been offered to capsuleers on occasion for limited periods.

"For you, children, on your fifth birthday. May your next five years be as full of promise and hope, and may you one day walk with us as equals among the stars." Idmei Sver, Society of Conscious Thought, on the fifth anniversary of the Capsuleer Era.
Although it appears to be nothing more than a common Caldari Shuttle at first glance, under the surface the Boobook has been heavily modified to make it a more effective smuggler of small-volume cargos past customs checks and blockades. In addition to the interdiction nullification features common to all modern shuttles, the Boobook's cargo hold is layered with sensor-disrupting nanomaterials that block cargo scanner modules from detecting the items contained within. It also sports an upgraded suite of low-emission electronics designed to reduce the ship's signature radius and make it more difficult to pinpoint with combat probes.
Council Diplomatic Shuttle
Based on a decommissioned Pacifier-class CONCORD frigate, this swift armored transport is typically used by the Directive Enforcement Department to ensure secure transportation of VIPs and high profile political figures. Most recently it has been utilized to carry members of the Council of Stellar Management to and from their bi-annual summit with the CONCORD Assembly in Yulai.
InterBus Shuttle
InterBus commissioned Duvolle Laboratories to design them an upgraded shuttlecraft in YC 106. The result was this vessel, which combines compact size with a surprisingly large cargo hold - ideal for the multipurpose transportation that InterBus specializes in. The ship remained a closely-guarded Interbus asset for many years, but in YC111 it was made available to select capsuleer pilots as part of an outreach programme intended to raise awareness of the InterBus brand among the growing capsuleer population. It remains, however, a very rare sight among the spacelanes and is considered by many to be a valuable collector's item.
Rumor has it the Leopard originated as a secret project in the Minmatar Republic. In their endless battle against enslavement by the Amarr Empire, the Minmatar have had to develop ways not only to liberate large masses of their people, but also to sneak in and capture individuals of high strategic importance. These kinds of black ops search-and-rescue missions might be executed for key people who were held by the enemy and possessed either special qualities the resistance needed, or information the Republic couldn't afford having tortured out of them. It's notable that these individuals might not all have been Minmatar, and that the resistance movement is unlikely to have restrained itself from using the same methods on key Amarr people they'd captured with the help of the Leopard. It is an extremely fast ship, meant for quick and stealthy getaways, and while its origins are covered in rumors, chances are the Minmatar leaked it to the capsuleers in order to curry favor with them.