Trade Goods

Many unusual goods are traded by capsuleers, including various tags, chips, tokens, charters and tools that are used in special activities or have exchange value with non-capsuleers

AEGIS Databases
Aurum Tokens
An Aurum Token is a physical chit that can be redeemed for a predefined amount of AUR currency
Bounty Encrypted Bonds
These tags can be turned in, at empire navy stations, in return for ISK
Consumer Products
Products in high demand with the materialistic public. Can be bought and sold for profit
Covert Research Tools
These covert operation items are in demand by various factions
Criminal Dog Tags
Criminal organizations' identification tags. Can be traded to the empires
Criminal Evidence
Proof positive of a bounty hunter's job well done
Abyssal Filaments and Jump Filaments
Industrial Goods
Various products used in a variety of industries
DNA-imprinted personal insignias, used by empire navies. Transport with caution
Illegal substances that alter brain chemistry, for good or ill. Transport with caution
Nexus Chips
Stores artificial intelligence systems. Used when acquiring special ships from Loyalty Point stores
Ferrying passengers can give a nice profit
Political Paraphernalia
Political propaganda and those that engage in it
Radioactive Goods
Chemicals and waste, pulsing with radiation. Can be bought and sold for profit
Rogue Drone Data
Data pertaining to Rogue Drones
Security Tags
These tags can be turned in, in low-security space, for a boost to security rating
Sleeper Components
Mysterious pieces of technology of Sleeper origin, coveted by some empire corporations
Starbase Charters
The required licenses to operate starbases within the borders of the empires
Strong Boxes
Triglavian Data
Triglavian Data Storage Devices
Unknown Components
Mysterious pieces of technology of unknown origin