Brutix Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent)
Released as a tribute to a renowned Imperial Armaments weapons designer who was lost in battle during live field testing in mid YC120, this nanocoating was produced in limited numbers for just eight hulls that have drawn influence (either directly or more controversially) from his highly successful design work over the years. The fade from deep black to vibrant yellow pays homage to the color produced by Standard frequency crystals, which are used in weapons testing to form a baseline damage profile for prototype energy turrets. The nanocoating is also adorned with a crest of crimson roses, the symbol of the Imperial house to which he belonged. Among the hulls that this nanocoating was commissioned for is the Punisher, the staple anti-frigate and fighter patrol platform of the Imperial Navy, which is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of a light turret-based weapons platform ever designed. “To serve your craft with such skill and tenacity is worthy of the deepest reverence. To pour your very heart and soul into your work is truly divine.” Kefsooda Arkih, - CEO, Imperial Armaments.
Brutix Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix IGC SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Kopis Edge SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Police SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Roden SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Serpentis SKIN (30 Days)
Brutix Serpentis SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Serpentis SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Spirit SKIN (Permanent)
Brutix Triglavian Twilight SKIN (Permanent)
Commissioned in YC121 by CONCORD's own Kjersidur Elladall of the Directive Enforcement Department, these commemorative SKINs serve as a reminder and a badge of honour for those daring Capsuleers who risked all to say "I was there" when the Triglavian Collective breached the boundaries of Abyssal Deadspace and invaded the systems of New Eden. In that year across the Empire-owned systems of the cluster, Conduits from Abyssal Deadspace appeared and carried the forces of the Collective into the comparatively rich and utopian star systems that CONCORD and the DED are sworn to protect. CONCORD will never forget - nor fail to honour - the brave pilots who dedicated their time, their resources and their clones in the fight against the Triglavian menace.
Brutix Valimor Legacy SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Argyros Elite XVI SKIN (Permanent)
The Argyros Elite XVI ship nanocoating is a special release for popular battlecruisers of each empire to celebrate the 16th Capsuleer Day. Capsuleers were given independent licenses 16 years ago and the YC121 celebrations mark this latest anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the opening up of New Eden's frontiers by immortal space pilots. Capsuleer Day XVI is a moment of celebration for "The Elite" pilots who are all capsuleers across New Eden.
Myrmidon Capsuleer Day XV SKIN (Permanent)
Mark the 15th anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age with the Capsuleer Day XV nanocoating. Since YC105, the world of New Eden has been transformed by the growth of the Capsuleer space pilot community. In YC120, the Capsuleers are at the forefront of space colonization and the exploration of new frontiers, making Capsuleer Day XV a moment for celebrations across New Eden.
Myrmidon Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon InterBus SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Kopis Edge SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Serpentis SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Spirit SKIN (Permanent)
Myrmidon Valimor Legacy SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Amaranthine Mantle SKIN (Permanent)
This nanocoating is a prestige livery designed for the elite attendees of the Guardian's Gala and is a companion piece to the 'Amaranthine Divide' facial augmentation. A mantle of amaranthine desire adorns the flanks of any ship using this romantically charged nanocoating from the Guardian Angels.
Talos Duvolle SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Glittering Dream SKIN (Permanent)
The Glittering Dream nightclub is one of the most famous venues situated on Caille's astounding Crystal Boulevard, noted for the exclusivity of its clientele as much as for an architecture that triples down on the synthetic diamond setting of the boulevard it sits on. A major tourist attraction, the sparkling slabs of the Crystal Boulevard obscure a deep, dark purpose as beneath it lies the continuity of government and military command bunker complex for the planet of Gallente Prime. Similarly, the towering triple helix spire of the Glittering Dream nightclub, fashioned without and within from expensive crystalline carbonides, appears to be just a high-class nightclub. Here though is where the political, military, business and even criminal elite of Luminaire meet to discuss their most secret affairs in assurance of privacy and confidentiality.
Talos Headhunter SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)
Talos InterBus SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Kopis Edge SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Luminaire Zenith SKIN (Permanent)
The rays of Luminaire's light shining varicolored through the ancient forests of Gallente Prime at the sun's zenith are evoked by this nanocoating symbolically celebrating the extent of the Gallente Federation's spread across the stars.
Talos Serpentis SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Spirit SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Valimor Legacy SKIN (Permanent)
Talos Yoiul Festival YC121 SKIN (Permanent)
The annual Yoiul Festival celebrates the closing of one year and the start of another in New Eden's universal calendar, as adopted by all the empires 121 years ago at the Yoiul Conference. CONCORD has long sponsored and celebrated the Yoiul Festival and over time it has been adopted and marked as a holiday across the four empires. It is particularly significant for those who make their living in space, whether aboard a spaceship or the many space installations of New Eden.