Rorqual Amarr Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Angel Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Blood Raider Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Caldari Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
The YC123 celebrations of Capsuleer Day mark the 18th anniversary of the start of the Capsuleer Age, when cloned capsule-using spaceship pilots were given independent licenses in YC105. Capsuleer Day XVIII is a time of celebration for "The Elite" among spaceship pilots, when New Eden looks back on the achievements of capsuleers and wonders what challenges, risks and opportunities the future may hold.
Rorqual Claim Foreman SKIN
Rorqual Digmaster Blazon SKIN
Rorqual Forgemaster SKIN
Rorqual Gallente Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Glacial Drift SKIN
Rorqual Guristas Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Lodestrike SKIN
To mark the successful development, construction and firing of the Upwell Consortium's new moon drilling technology, ORE fleets dedicated to mining asteroids produced by blasting moon chunks apart adopted a special new livery. The striking design shows off the association of any ship bearing it with the awesome power of the moon drill beam and blast technology.
Rorqual Minmatar Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Morphite Shine SKIN
Rorqual Nocx Rush SKIN
Rorqual Paydirt Prospector SKIN
Rorqual Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN
Outer Ring Excavations is not afraid to explore hostile territory in search of valuable asteroids and other harvestable resource fields. In order to break through to potential resources in dangerous systems, ORE will send specialist pioneer fleets that are unusually heavily-armed and supported by combat vessels. One of the most effective such groups in ORE's organization is Pioneer Group 4C-B7X VIII Alpha, famous throughout ORE as the original "Rockbreaker Pioneers".
Rorqual Rosada Dawn SKIN
Rorqual Sansha Industrial Livery SKIN
Rorqual Sovereign Claim SKIN
ORE's highly successful Rorqual mining operation support capital ship has played a significant role in the exploitation of mineral asteroids across New Eden for over a decade. The "Sovereign Claim" nanocoating is a suitably glittering celebration of this wealth-creating ship design in YC120, as the vessel continues its central role in ORE's lineup of mining operations vessels.