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CONCORD Biosecurity Responders are available to be dispatched on emergency call to any space stations, orbital infrastructure or other space-industrial locations in response to disease and pathogen outbreaks of all kinds. The challenges of maintaining biosecurity against infectious pathogens and other disease vectors in space-based infrastructure are multiplied by the cosmopolition and highly-interconnected nature of New Eden's space industry and trade networks. This long-recognised problem was for many decades dealt with by the empires, nations and corporations of New Eden in a rather piecemeal fashion, with disputes over jurisdiction and differing standards commonly arising. Following the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119, and the passage of the interstellar "Hope for All Act", CONCORD established Biosecurity Response Teams, and began to build up its capacity and expertise in the fields of epidemiology and disease management. To that end, CONCORD reached out to partners such as the University of Caille's Department of Epidemiology, Hedion University's School of Medicine, the Sisters of EVE, and the Society of Conscious Thought. Biosecurity Responders are a vital link in any effort to isolate and analyze infectious pathogens spreading through New Eden's space infrastructure, and crucially to prevent spread to planetary populations. Research to develop effective biosecurity methods, treatments and pathogen controls rely on the field research and data provided by the Biosecurity Reponse Teams.
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Inner Zone Shipping has increased its internal security forces in the wake of the instability and increased threats to space travel posed by pirate activity, Drifter attacks and the Triglavian invasion. The Inner Zone Vanguard clear shipping routes of likely threats and provide a rapid response should IZS transports be attacked.
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Mind Clash fans across New Eden were stunned by the upset victory of Kiyria "Redclaw Sable" Okaada at the 100th Worlds Championships in October YC122. Held under heavy security, the event at the Grand Teigjon Resort & Casino in Vellaine saw many of the "Greats" of the Mind Clash world compete. Even so, relative newcomer Okaada saw off the powerful field, capping her first time win of the Caldari State Championships with the Worlds crown. To celebrate the meteoric rise of the new phenomenon, Kiyria Okaada's management commissioned a commemorative nanocoating aimed at the capsuleer market. With capsuleers a significant demographic among the most dedicated Mind Clash fans, the Redclaw Sable nanocoating is expected to be popular with aficionados of the complex, mentally-demanding neuro-holographic sport.
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The vast reach of the Scope Network's news channels and holonet programs is supported by a large news-gathering operation that supplements its staff reporters with an extensive array of freelance correspondents and partnered news organizations. In a convenient arrangement, the Scope operates a news syndication service that allows its partners' news services to benefit from the huge resources of the Scope and its many correspondents.
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Federal Strategic Materiel exploration and mining operations are usually commanded by a Defender Lieutenant specializing in engineering or logistics. The Federal Strategic Materiel corporation was founded by executive order of President Jacus Roden and is tasked with finding and extracting resources vital to the Federal armed forces throughout Gallente space. The mining operations sent out to harvest resources from sites discovered by the Federal Strategic Materiel corporation have become a common sight in the Federation.
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