Arbitrator Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Kador SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Luminaire Zenith SKIN (Permanent)
The rays of Luminaire's light shining varicolored through the ancient forests of Gallente Prime at the sun's zenith are evoked by this nanocoating symbolically celebrating the extent of the Gallente Federation's spread across the stars.
Arbitrator Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)
Arbitrator Triglavian Twilight SKIN (Permanent)
Commissioned in YC121 by CONCORD's own Kjersidur Elladall of the Directive Enforcement Department, these commemorative SKINs serve as a reminder and a badge of honour for those daring Capsuleers who risked all to say "I was there" when the Triglavian Collective breached the boundaries of Abyssal Deadspace and invaded the systems of New Eden. In that year across the Empire-owned systems of the cluster, Conduits from Abyssal Deadspace appeared and carried the forces of the Collective into the comparatively rich and utopian star systems that CONCORD and the DED are sworn to protect. CONCORD will never forget - nor fail to honour - the brave pilots who dedicated their time, their resources and their clones in the fight against the Triglavian menace.
Augoror Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Combat Medic Section SKIN (Permanent)
For certain tasks, CONCORD forces will use many of the ship designs of the four empires, and dedicated combat medic vessels are usually adaptations of the various repair and recovery cruisers manufactured by empire corporations. The Combat Medic Sections will accompany DED forces on search and rescue duty along spacelanes where piracy is commonplace and often the only practical action that can be taken is recovery of survivors.
Augoror Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Khanid SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)
Augoror Spirit SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Hunter's Quiver SKIN (Permanent)
Hunters using arrows to catch their prey is a common enough theme in the history and legends of New Eden. A quiver of arrows ready for use is echoed in the stylized patterning of this nanocoating. The hunt for prey no longer involves arrows but the thrill of the chase remains as primal an emotion as it was for the hunters of ancient tales.
Maller Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Kador SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)
Maller Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Blood Raiders SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Capsuleer Day XV SKIN (Permanent)
Mark the 15th anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age with the Capsuleer Day XV nanocoating. Since YC105, the world of New Eden has been transformed by the growth of the Capsuleer space pilot community. In YC120, the Capsuleers are at the forefront of space colonization and the exploration of new frontiers, making Capsuleer Day XV a moment for celebrations across New Eden.
Omen Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Headhunter SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Imperial Armaments SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Kador SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Operation Permafrost SKIN (Permanent)
As a leading part of the Upwell Consortium's expanding efforts in space colonization and resource extraction, the ORE Frostline division spearheaded the exploitation of icy dwarf planets in orbits far from the ecliptic plane upon discovering trace deposits of valuable chromodynamic tricarboxyls in the ices and vapors of such minor orbital bodies. Frostline's Operation Permafrost teams encountered many challenges in close orbit of the ice dwarfs and this nanocoating marks their efforts on behalf of the Upwell family of corporations.
Omen Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Sarum SKIN (Permanent)
Omen Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)