Kronos Biosecurity Responders SKIN
CONCORD Biosecurity Responders are available to be dispatched on emergency call to any space stations, orbital infrastructure or other space-industrial locations in response to disease and pathogen outbreaks of all kinds. The challenges of maintaining biosecurity against infectious pathogens and other disease vectors in space-based infrastructure are multiplied by the cosmopolition and highly-interconnected nature of New Eden's space industry and trade networks. This long-recognised problem was for many decades dealt with by the empires, nations and corporations of New Eden in a rather piecemeal fashion, with disputes over jurisdiction and differing standards commonly arising. Following the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119, and the passage of the interstellar "Hope for All Act", CONCORD established Biosecurity Response Teams, and began to build up its capacity and expertise in the fields of epidemiology and disease management. To that end, CONCORD reached out to partners such as the University of Caille's Department of Epidemiology, Hedion University's School of Medicine, the Sisters of EVE, and the Society of Conscious Thought. Biosecurity Responders are a vital link in any effort to isolate and analyze infectious pathogens spreading through New Eden's space infrastructure, and crucially to prevent spread to planetary populations. Research to develop effective biosecurity methods, treatments and pathogen controls rely on the field research and data provided by the Biosecurity Reponse Teams.
Kronos Caille Neon SKIN
The permanently crowded streets of Caille are lit by uncounted kilometers of neon lighting by night. Indeed, some sections of the cultural capital of the Gallente Federation are so deep within the canyon-like avenues of the Caille megalopolis that they are streaked through with neon colours at every hour of the day. This pattern is seen in many Gallente cities but Caille remains the most astonishing example in the Federation. The Caille Neon nanocoating echoes and celebrates the glowing vibrancy of Federation streetlife, providing a striking livery option for pilots of Gallente ships.
Kronos Exoplanets Hunter SKIN
Kronos Federal Police SKIN
The federal Gallente Police Directorate traces its roots back to the original planet-wide police service of the Gallente Union on Luminaire. The Gallente Union Police & Public Safety Service (GUPPSS) was intended to operate as an "all union service", with its officers recruited and trained by the federal government of the Gallente Union. While retaining basic membership of the GUPPSS, and with some serving as federal police, most officers served in distinct units under the political oversight of member states. The concept broke down as the Gallente Union expanded throughout space and evolved into the modern day Gallente Federation. As outlying systems, planets and colonies chose to wholly organize their own police forces, the "Guppies" were increasingly seen as an anachronism by the heavily-populated and powerful member states of Luminaire. Ultimately, the homeworld states followed the example of the sovereign polities of the Gallente Federation and set up entirely independent police forces. The Gallente Union Police & Publice Safety Service became the Gallente Police Directorate, and found a new lease of life as a police force operating across Federation space with jurisdiction over federal domains. Detractors of this service still refer to it by the old nickname of "Guppies".
Kronos Federation Navy SKIN
Kronos Glacial Drift SKIN
Kronos Headhunter SKIN
Kronos Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN
Inner Zone Shipping has increased its internal security forces in the wake of the instability and increased threats to space travel posed by pirate activity, Drifter attacks and the Triglavian invasion. The Inner Zone Vanguard clear shipping routes of likely threats and provide a rapid response should IZS transports be attacked.
Kronos Intaki Syndicate SKIN
Kronos Kopis Edge SKIN
Kronos Ruby Sungrazer SKIN
Kronos Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
Kronos Serpentis SKIN
Kronos Spirit SKIN
Kronos Valimor Legacy SKIN
Kronos Zakura Shumyu SKIN
The concept of 'Zakura Shumyu' encapsulates an idealized existential humility of the citizenry of the Caldari State in the presence of something greater, symbolized by the wind passing through Zakura cherry blossoms. Zakura Hansei refers to the large family of ornamental cherry trees that feature heavily in Caldari State parks and executive aboriculture. The Zakura cherry trees and their blossoms have become a part of Caldari symbolism dating back to the formation of the first corporations on Caldari Prime. Cherry trees are found on the home worlds of the four major empires where growing conditions and land permits. Popular as an ornamental tree for the mass flowering of cherry blossoms that break out as warm seasons begin, there are many varieties found across New Eden. Cherry trees of the Zakura Hansei family became popular with the Caldari, particularly as the hardier varieties were able to fluorish in the more temperate regions of the notoriously cold Caldari Prime. In the Caldari State, the large and splendid Zakura Bazei variety is often a feature of corporate parks and executive class gardens. The Caldari gave the name 'Zakura' to these blossoming trees and these varieties are known by that name as far afield as the ornamental arboretums of the Amarr Empire. In a historical irony, this family of cherry trees is actually native to Gallente Prime, and the cherry was not known on Caldari Prime until it was introduced some time after first contact with the Gallente.