Bowhead Amarr Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Angel Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Blood Raider Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Caldari Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Gallente Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Glacial Drift SKIN
Bowhead Guristas Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Minmatar Industrial Livery SKIN
Bowhead Morphite Shine SKIN
Bowhead Paydirt Prospector SKIN
Bowhead Radioactives Reclamation SKIN
Extraction and processing of radioactive materials for use in industry can be difficult and hazardous work at best, with many standard mining techniques often treating such materials as waste byproducts that are better disposed of in space. Always on the look out for ways to increase the profitability of their mining and materials harvesting operations, ORE has established a specialist Radioactives Reclamation unit, equipped with dedicated harvesting and transport ships, to exploit dangerous and difficult to work radioactive materials. The heavy-industrial ships and transport vessels of ORE's Radioactives Reclamation unit are recognisable for their holographic warning markings and vivid "radioactive green" highlights on a more standard blue and grey livery.
Bowhead Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN
Outer Ring Excavations is not afraid to explore hostile territory in search of valuable asteroids and other harvestable resource fields. In order to break through to potential resources in dangerous systems, ORE will send specialist pioneer fleets that are unusually heavily-armed and supported by combat vessels. One of the most effective such groups in ORE's organization is Pioneer Group 4C-B7X VIII Alpha, famous throughout ORE as the original "Rockbreaker Pioneers".
Bowhead Rosada Dawn SKIN
Bowhead Sansha Industrial Livery SKIN