Special Covert Ops

Pacifier Biosecurity Responders SKIN
CONCORD Biosecurity Responders are available to be dispatched on emergency call to any space stations, orbital infrastructure or other space-industrial locations in response to disease and pathogen outbreaks of all kinds. The challenges of maintaining biosecurity against infectious pathogens and other disease vectors in space-based infrastructure are multiplied by the cosmopolition and highly-interconnected nature of New Eden's space industry and trade networks. This long-recognised problem was for many decades dealt with by the empires, nations and corporations of New Eden in a rather piecemeal fashion, with disputes over jurisdiction and differing standards commonly arising. Following the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119, and the passage of the interstellar "Hope for All Act", CONCORD established Biosecurity Response Teams, and began to build up its capacity and expertise in the fields of epidemiology and disease management. To that end, CONCORD reached out to partners such as the University of Caille's Department of Epidemiology, Hedion University's School of Medicine, the Sisters of EVE, and the Society of Conscious Thought. Biosecurity Responders are a vital link in any effort to isolate and analyze infectious pathogens spreading through New Eden's space infrastructure, and crucially to prevent spread to planetary populations. Research to develop effective biosecurity methods, treatments and pathogen controls rely on the field research and data provided by the Biosecurity Reponse Teams.
Pacifier CONCORD Aerospace 'Prototype' SKIN
Pacifier DED 'Alpha Plus' Taskforce SKIN
To evaluate the implications of new cloning technology, that enabled an expanded level of skill uptake for Alpha State capsuleers, the DED established a test-flight taskforce under the codename 'Alpha Plus'. A large number of new recruits to the DED's capsuleer force were drafted from many arms of CONCORD's large military force and took part in the Alpha Plus program. Ships of the Alpha Plus Taskforce, now charged with continuing advanced training of DED personnel accepted for capsuleer duty, bear a variant DED livery of silver grey and light blue.
Pacifier DED 'Master-at-Arms' Recruiter SKIN
CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department is one of the leading military forces of New Eden. As such, the DED is equipped with top-of-the-line ships and its ranks are filled by skilled crews and enforcement troops. The DED recruits from across New Eden and most major cities, colony outposts and space stations will have a DED recruitment and training facility commanded by a Master-at-Arms. When a DED Master-at-Arms travels they are entitled to bear the colors of their office on their ships. A Master-at-Arms is usually provided with a Pacifier-class frigate but the more senior among their ranks can call on powerful vessels such as the Enforcer-class cruiser or the formidable Marshal-class battleship.
Pacifier DED Army Reserve SKIN
CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department is a significant reserve force that grew out of the original CONCORD Assembly Peacekeeping Army (CAPA). Known to most simply as the "CONCORD Army", CAPA's permanent command staff consists of career DED officers while most formations are drawn from the reserves of member states, primarily the "Big 4" core empires of New Eden. DED Army Reserve forces are primarily used for planetary and orbital operations but the division maintains a large fleet for transport, patrol and sentry duties. The fleet is most often used to transport and deploy peacekeepers or conflict monitors, while occasionally serving to enforce blockades against the importation of weapons, or the escalation of conflicts by mercenaries and other outside forces.
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