AEGIS Databases

AEGIS Covert Operations Reports
This ultra-heavily encrypted database contains information pertaining to ongoing covert operations being run by AEGIS special forces and infiltration agents. The remit of AEGIS is broad and still gives it wide latitude to investigate threats to interstellar shipping, space infrastructure and planetary defenses. The organization would certainly wish to keep completely secret its various covert commando units and espionage agents. The encryption on this database may never be broken but such is the value of the information contained within it many criminal organizations would pay a hefty price simply to have the opportunity of cracking it.
AEGIS Fortification Schematics
These are heavily encrypted databases that contain all the necessary data for virtual simulation of various AEGIS fortification designs. These designs are in use on many planets and orbital installations in various configurations as a result of EDENCOM fortification program that AEGIS took a lead in planning and implementing during the Triglavian Invasions. Although encrypted in such a way that pirates and criminals would need to devote significant resources to extracting the data, the value of these schematics is rather high.
AEGIS Personnel File Backups
These are backups of various AEGIS personnel files and are not particularly heavily encrypted. Outlaws and criminals can put accurate personnel data to many uses. Even the small details are potentially highly relevant to those who are interested in spoofing identities or simply putting pressure on select personnel. Standard encryption is being used but pirate organizations will be happy to devote resources to extracting data that has many uses. These backups will likely fetch a decent price on the black market.
AEGIS Security Patrol Reports
These databases contain encrypted patrol reports describing the day-to-day activities of various AEGIS security patrol units. While the amount of information is quite high, much of it is likely to be tedious routine patrol logs, with precious view truly valuable nuggets of information included. As the data is encrypted it is also of less value to outlaws who will need to go to the effort of decrypting without knowing if there's anything here other than the banal musings of AEGIS security officers. Still, all such data has some use so pirates will probably buy this.