Advanced Moon Materials

Materials used for Tech II vessel and equipment production.

Crystalline Carbonide
An exceptionally hard material created from crystallite alloys and carbon polymers, crystalline carbonide is a primary component in various forms of advanced Gallente technology, such as thrusters and armor plating.
Fermionic Condensates
One of the most complex composites known to man, fermionic condensates consist of superconductive boson particles all occupying the same quantum state, thus creating a nearly resistance-free environment for electric current. These condensates have therefore become a staple in advanced reactor manufacture.
Fernite Carbide
A revolutionary ceramic carbide compound, much favored by the Matari both for its earthy quality and its extremely wide range of technological uses.
A magnetised liquid, used to control the flow of cold plasma fields in shield systems, reactor cores, pulse generators and thruster systems.
Fullerides are highly superconductive materials used in capacitors, armor plating and weapons systems.
Hypersynaptic Fibers
Whenever the transmission of visual or numerical data is a matter of life and death, the data network needs the fastest possible relay system. Hypersynaptic fibers, due to their immense frequency range and speed of conduction, have become the industry standard for sensor arrays and targeting systems.
Extremely complex molecular-level transistors used in nanoscale electronics, such as microprocessors and capacitor units.
Nonlinear Metamaterials
Labs in the Caldari State have recently managed to construct the first known composites with negative refractive indexes. Known as nonlinear metamaterials, these advanced composites are finding increasing use in the State's latest capacitor units and microprocessors.
Phenolic Composites
A extremely heat-resistant material used in thrusters and as heat shielding.
Photonic Metamaterials
A carefully engineered latticework designed for precise optical control, photonic metamaterials are a component in advanced Gallente microprocessors and capacitor units.
Plasmonic Metamaterials
Carefully fabricated composites of neo mercurite and fernite alloy, plasmonic metamaterials are a key component in advanced Minmatar processors and capacitor units.
Pressurized Oxidizers
Pressurized oxidizers are used for various purposes in space technology, including as component resources for fuel systems and cryogenic cooling systems.
Reinforced Carbon Fiber
Reinforced carbon fiber is enhanced with polymers that increase the tensile strength of the material without notable loss of flexibility. This form of the material is widely used for many purposes in the space industries.
Sylramic Fibers
Extremely strong fibers, used in laminated armor plating.
Terahertz Metamaterials
An advanced composite designed to manipulate electromagnetic waves just beyond the microwave band, terahertz metamaterials are found in the latest generation of processors and capacitor units in the Amarr Empire.
Titanium Carbide
Due to its immense strength and molecular malleability, Titanium Carbide has become the darling of the Caldari technological industry, seeing use in everything from reactor units to weapons systems.
Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide is a much-used composite, greatly favored by the Amarrians for construction of their advanced technologies.