Advanced Ice Command Center

Volume800.0MTQ800.00 m3
Mass5000.0KGM5,000.00 kg
Meta Level4.0Level4.00 Level
 Base Price3700000.0Money3,700,000.00 ISK
Capacity500.0MTQ500.00 m3
Powergrid Output17000.0MAW17,000.00 MW
CPU Output21315.0Teraflops21,315.00 tf
 Export Tax3.0Money3.00 ISK
 Planet Type Restriction12.0typeIDPlanet (Ice)
Capacity500.0MTQ500.00 m3
Mass5000.0KGM5,000.00 kg
Volume800.0MTQ800.00 m3


This command structure is designed to survive in the harshest planetary environments the universe can offer. The superstructure uses a combination of titanium-steel reinforcement, increasing its overall resilience, and counter-harmonic stabilizers, which keep it level and secure regardless of geological conditions or activity. The entire facility is covered by a skin of adaptive plating originally designed for terraforming platforms, a protective barrier that insulates it from the surrounding environment. Visitors can expect a prolonged and immodest decontamination and pressurization process when first arriving at the command structure. Valuable materials are lifted off world by a bulk payload, reusable rocket, the scattered components of which are retrieved by cargo drones.