Gas Reactive Gas Extractor

Volume0.0MTQ0.00 m3
Mass0.0KGM0.00 kg
 Base Price45000.0Money45,000.00 ISK
Capacity0.0MTQ0.00 m3
 extractorDepletionRange5.0MTR5.00 m
Harvested Type2311.0typeIDReactive Gas
 Cycle Time300.0SEC300.00 sec
 Extraction Quantity1000.01,000.00
 Planet Type Restriction13.0typeIDPlanet (Gas)
Power Load800.0MAW800.00 MW
Capacity0.0MTQ0.00 m3
Mass0.0KGM0.00 kg
Volume0.0MTQ0.00 m3
CPU Load200.0Teraflops200.00 tf


Custom-built gas extractors were first developed to take advantage of gas giant settlements and represented the most lucrative long-term development of such unique worlds. These enormous extraction units, when carefully lowered to the proper altitude on gas giant planets, provide a cost-effective way of acquiring rare and high-demand resources, such as noble and reactive gases and suspended plasma. The proliferation of gas giant settlement in recent years has drastically lowered the price of these base materials, which in turn has seen increased productivity in the numerous planetside and spacebound industries built around these valuable commodities.