Temperate Advanced Industry Facility

 Type ID2480
Volume0 m3
Mass0 kg
 Base Price250,000 ISK
Capacity0 m3
 Planet Type RestrictionPlanet (Temperate)
Power Load700 MW
Capacity0 m3
CPU Load500 tf
Type Info
Type ID2480
Graphic ID4523
Group IDProcessors [1028]


Populated almost entirely by robotic laborers, mass production facilities excel at creating products in bulk with minimal supervision and maintenance. They can be so self-sufficient that rumors abound of Gallente factories operated entirely by androids and governed by a skeleton crew of drones. (Detractors of this method like to note that Sansha facilities work in much the same fashion.) Either way, the results are irrefutable: Raw materials and components go in one end, and polished commodities come out the other side.