Medicinal Herbs

 Type ID29473
Volume0.20 m3
Mass5.00 kg
 Base Price325.00 ISK
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID29473
Group IDCommodities [526]


Traditional herbal remedies have been used for perhaps tens of thousands of years among the Vheriokor tribes of Minmatar. However, they have become so popular over time, particularly among the Gallente peoples, that various herbal concoctions and infusions can be found in virtually every part of inhabited space.

But don't eat the roots.

No, seriously. No matter what any scary prophet says.

Herbs are said to cure everything from colds to warp sickness, though they are also popular for mild recreation. If a cargo container of herbs seems the slightest bit lighter after a long ship's journey, it is the wise captain who does not question his crew too closely, nor visit their living quarters after hours.