OLD Proteus Electronics - Emergent Locus Analyzer

40 HP
 Type ID30062
Tech Level3
 Meta Level1.00 Level
Volume40.00 m3
Volume40.00 m3
Mass1,200,000.00 kg
Mass1,200,000.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
CPU Output410 tf
Maximum Targeting Range60,000 m
Ladar Sensor Strength0 points
Magnetometric Sensor Strength9 points
RADAR Sensor Strength0 points
Gravimetric Sensor Strength0 points
Scan Resolution270.00 mm
 Portion Size1
Electromechanical Interface Nexus3
Basic reprocessing, not accounting for skills and other bonuses.
CPU Need Bonus-99.00 %
 Module or subsystem is obsolete1.00
 Analyzer Virus Strength Bonus10.00
Capacity0.00 m3
High Slot Modifier0.00 +
Medium Slot Modifier3.00 +
Low Slot Modifier1.00 +
Restricted to Ship TypeProteus
Type Info
Type ID30062
Graphic ID3654
Group IDDepricated Subsystems [955]
Meta Group IDTech III [14]
Race ID8
Faction Namegallentebase
Variation Parent Type ID30056


This subsystem is obsolete and has been replaced by newer technology

Emboldened by the development of other, more specialized subsystems, engineers and astrophysicists alike began to investigate modifications to a Strategic Cruiser that could aid their fellow scientists and explorers. The first reverse-engineering projects were predominantly focused on ways to improve a vessel's astrometrics capabilities. The two-pronged solution of boosting both the strength of the launchers and the probes they deployed proved to be the most popular design in the end. It was not long after the first designs were sold that others took notice and began to reverse-engineer their own. Soon enough, the subsystem was catapulted into mainstream Tech III subsystem manufacture, although perhaps for more than just that one reason.

The first designers of the emergent locus analyzer noted an additional ? and entirely unintended ? effect in tractor beams. Not only did they reach further, but they would also pull in their cargo more quickly than normal tractor beams. It was an unexpected by-product of the processes that increased scan probe strength, but far from an undesirable one. Although it is not fully clear what part of the construction process enables this additional benefit, so long as the subsystem is built in that exact fashion, it will continue to provide it.

Subsystem Skill Bonus:
10% increase to scan strength of probes per level.
20% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams per level.

Role Bonus:
-99% reduced CPU need for Scan Probe Launchers.
+10 Virus Strength to Relic and Data Analyzers.