OLD Tengu Engineering - Supplemental Coolant Injector

40 HP
 Type ID30145
Tech Level3
 Meta Level1.00 Level
Volume40.00 m3
Mass1,200,000.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Powergrid Output825 MW
Capacitor Capacity1,225.00 GJ
Capacitor Recharge time415.00 s
Drone Capacity0.00 m3
Drone Bandwidth0.00 Mbit/sec
 Portion Size1
Optimized Nano-Engines3
Basic reprocessing, not accounting for skills and other bonuses.
 Module or subsystem is obsolete1.00
Capacity0.00 m3
Medium Slot Modifier0.00 +
High Slot Modifier0.00 +
Low Slot Modifier3.00 +
Restricted to Ship TypeTengu
Launcher Hardpoint Modifier0.00 +
Turret Hardpoint Modifier0.00 +
charge0.00 GJ
Type Info
Type ID30145
Graphic ID3614
Group IDDepricated Subsystems [955]
Meta Group IDTech III [14]
Race ID1
Faction Namecaldaribase
Variation Parent Type ID30139


This subsystem is obsolete and has been replaced by newer technology

When it came to overheating modules on Tech III vessels, the spaceship engineering industry always knew, or at the very least suspected, that a larger breakthrough was on its way. Those first small advances made by reverse-engineering ancient Sleeper hulls were seen by many as simply the beginning of something greater. For these and other reasons, few were surprised by the introduction of a subsystem focused purely on pushing the ?heat? envelope.

Various designs surfaced in the weeks and months following the opening of the new wormholes, each offering increasingly smaller improvements on the last. Research seemed to stagnate for a while and it was not until the idea of additional, localized coolant injectors became widespread that heat-focused subsystems truly began to perform in a class of their own. The current iterations offer pilots truly unprecedented abilities when it comes to overheating and pushing modules to their limits. Military experts and even capsuleers alike have been left wondering just how drastically this new design, along with so many other radical new entries to the subsystems field, will reshape interstellar warfare.

Subsystem Skill Bonus:
5% Reduction in the amount of heat damage absorbed by modules per level.