Wildfire Khumaak

Volume0.3MTQ0.30 m3
Mass2.0KGM2.00 kg
 Base Price10000.0Money10,000.00 ISK
Capacity0.0MTQ0.00 m3


This fragile Khumaak appears to be several centuries old, and could perhaps date back to the Starkmanir rebellion itself.

There are unique markings along the side; tiny holes that appear to have fastened the scepter to a wall at one point. In the centre of the flared orb there is another unique distinguishing mark, the visage of an Amarrian man draped in the robes of a Saint. His name, Torus Arzad, is not mentioned in any contemporary history, Amarrian or otherwise. Below his face a single line of text reads:

“Understand His mercy, and you will know enough.”