Holoreel - Torture Log I15B

 Type ID32407
Volume0.50 m3
Mass100.00 kg
 Base Price250.00 ISK
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID32407
Group IDMiscellaneous [314]


The grainy footage on this holoreel depicts a young man standing in a small room, his arms bound and his legs chained to the ground, spread apart as far as they can go. His face cannot be seen. The man is bleeding from cuts all across his body. A woman's voice asks him an inaudible question. He answers, ?No.? The voice asks another question, also inaudible. The man gives the same response.

This repeats for a few more questions. After the last question, a woman dressed in a Gallente Federation uniform appears. She approaches the man. The man lifts his head, showing his face: It is Irichi. The woman holds his face in his hands, kisses him softly on the lips, and turns to the holoprojector: It is Cilis. She reaches off camera for something. Behind her, Irichi's head drops, tears streaming down his face. Cilis returns, holding a remote in her hands. She pushes a button. Mechanical noises reverberate throughout the room. A panel opens beneath Irichi's feet. He winces, screams in pain. Loud sawing noises interrupt the scene. The footage goes blank.