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New Eden Source

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Capacity0.0MTQ0.00 m3


This compendium of reports, data and historical documents - some of which are highly classified - details the landscape of New Eden and the lives of its various citizens. It is a blend of man-on-the-street tales, high-level political reportage, and behind-the-scenes information that casts a new light on the cluster.

The compendium itself is unique in its production: It serves as a repository of facts like any other book, digital or otherwise; but it has certain additional output functions that permit select readers to interface directly with its contents and grasp them at a level that is quite literally cerebral. This is a security measure more than anything, and an expensive one, but it means that parts of the book cannot even be read; instead, they must be imprinted directly on the brain's pathways. The only potential recipients of this kind of knowledge - at least, the only ones who can handle it without having their cranial nerves fried to a crisp - are capsuleers.

Thus, like the fabled Book of Emptiness in Amarr myth, this book is not only a book, but a vessel for a changed outlook on the world, and like that same mythological book, it has the ability to change those readers who are receptive to its dark wonders.