Men's 'Crusher' Cybernetic Arm (black and orange right)

 Type ID34038
Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
 Gender1.00 1=Male 2=Unisex 3=Female
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID34038
Group IDProsthetics [1271]


The F-916.083 model 'Crusher' Cybernetic Arm, in night black and sunset orange, is the latest in naturalistic technologies that aim to enhance the human experience rather than cause - or worsen - a disconnect from reality. As such, its components have been carefully designed to ensure they operate at a level of efficiency that is pleasing and empowering to the human mind, while not going too far beyond that level.

The purpose of its shoulder pad, for instance, is not just to absorb any number of shocks that a capsuleer might suffer inside and out of the capsule, but also function as a clamp - because this model, quite honestly, is so strong that if its internal push/pull sensors were to malfunction and it were to grip something with the full extent of its capabilities, it might very well tear the wearer's entire shoulder out of its socket.

Likewise, scanners in the fingers can detect details unavailable to normal humans - particulars in heat, texture and light reflection - but are set on a timer whereby they limit the details after a while, because even a capsuleer's mind, which can multitask at near-superhuman levels, is not set up to handle a constant influx of unnecessary data.

Finally, the upper arms have exposed and slanted machinery that resembles the striations of raw muscle. It could of course have been covered over, but was kept open to indicate the unfettered strength of the capsuleer in all that he does.