Gleaned Information

 Type ID34876
Volume0.10 m3
Mass1.00 kg
 Base Price30.00 ISK
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID34876
Group IDGeneral [280]
Race ID16


YC109-02-02 - Critical Termination Notice - Capsuleer: Karishal Muritor. Defiants faction. Capsule breach indicated in Auga, orbital track of tenth planet. Unable to locate clone activation --- working --- Unable to locate clone activation --- extending network search --- Unable to loc?.

YC109-02-12 - ? mass rally in Pator. Republic fleet task force warping in --- identified, command ships, fleet capsuleer --- monitoring --- designation change Admiral Kanth Filmir resignation conf?.

YC110-06-10 - Massive internal fires detected. Alfhild supercarrier drifting out of [system] system. Unknown souls remaining on board. Tracking until out of monitoring range...

YC109-02-09 - ...hra'Khan, a group with long-standing yet historically shaky ties to the Republic, declared Prime Minister Midular their "number one enemy," calling for a 1 ISK bounty on her head, the "value representing her worth to the Minmat?

YC108-04-10 - Captain 1st Class Karishal Muritor of the Republic Fleet was today awarded Drupar's Sun, one of the most prestigious medals given by the Republic, at a Fleet awar...