'Neo' Pilot M-I

Volume0.01MTQ0.01 m3
Mass0.0KGM0.00 kg
 Base Price3000.0Money3,000.00 ISK
Capacity0.0MTQ0.00 m3


The Pilot dropsuit enhances vehicle operability. Using an adaptive synth-nerve network, the suit seamlessly integrates with on-board systems, establishing a cognitive link between the user and the host vehicle. This provides unprecedented control over every aspect of a vehicle's weapon, navigation, propulsion, and electronic subsystems.

Ill-suited to frontline combat, the Minmatar suit instead incorporates a host of predictive tracking solutions, smart I/O channels and fire management controllers into a wearable interface that enhances the performance of the vehicle's weapon subsystems.

In much the same way the capsule revolutionized space flight, the Pilot suit has vastly improved the man-machine interface for planetside vehicles.