Research Abstract: Project Tesseract

 Type ID4303
Volume0.10 m3
Mass1.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
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Type ID4303
Group IDResearch Data [1141]
Race ID4


Paper: Project Tesseract - An Investigation into the Causes of the Seyllin Incident and the properties of A0 Blue stars and Isogen-5.

Lead Researcher: Rhavas

Contributors: Mark726, Dr Amira, Julianus Soter, Morwen Lagann, Darth Skorpius, The Antiquarian

Summary: In YC 111, one of the deadliest events in recent memory, the March Seyllin Incident, extinguished nearly 500 million souls as the system's A0-class blue sun poured radioactive energy along a magnetic field anomaly and directly into the depths of the first planet in the system, Seyllin I.

The energy released by this event was so great that it may have triggered the opening of the wormhole network in addition to simultaneously decimating eight other planets which orbited similar A0 Blue stars. A chief aim of this project is to understand the causes and mechanics driving such incredible destruction.

This project has compiled all the known data on the subject, including multiple expeditions to ?shattered planet? systems (located across both New Eden and wormhole space). We expect to uncover significant details about the mechanics of wormhole initiation as well as the role and power of Isogen-5, which is implicated in the events of that day.

This abstract relates to research undertaken by the Arek'Jaalan Project.

Authorized for capsuleer dissemination under the CONCORD Freedom of Distribution Act (Alpha-One-Five), YC 113.11.4

Further copies of this document can be obtained through the Arek'Jaalan administrative site, located in the Eram system (beacon designation - AJS1: Antiquus).