Research Abstract: Project Algintal

 Type ID4325
Volume0.10 m3
Mass1.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID4325
Group IDResearch Data [1141]
Race ID4


Paper: Project Algintal - Investigation of the Algintal Rogue Drone Hive

Lead Researcher: Myyona

Contributors: Natelia

Summary: Rogue drones have been spreading all over New Eden for the last 80 years or so and represent a constant threat to space travel across the cluster. The rogue drone hive found at the Skeleton Comet complex within the Deltole system appears to have assimilated ancient technologies left behind by the Yan Jung nation, resulting in the development of a new strain of drones, potentially more powerful than their standard counterparts.

Two reports on these events were gathered to determine the extent to which the drones were affected by assimilating the Yan Jung technology, and to establish what level of threat this could pose. The findings showed that the new strain of drones possess significantly enhanced communication systems and cognitive abilities as compared with their predecessors. However, through the examination process it was also discovered that apparently, nearly all of the new drone strains had been destroyed by the original rogue drone hive, likely due to self-regulatory mechanisms within the hive. Consequently, we conclude that any remaining drones pose little to no threat.

This abstract relates to research undertaken by the Arek'Jaalan Project.

Authorized for capsuleer dissemination under the CONCORD Freedom of Distribution Act (Alpha-One-Five), YC 113.11.4

Further copies of this document can be obtained through the Arek'Jaalan administrative site, located in the Eram system.