Research Abstract: Project Huntress Green (2 of 3)

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Type ID4336
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Paper: Huntress Green - The Origin of Life in Anoikis

Lead Researcher: Gaia Ma'chello

Contributors: James Arget, Tas Caern and Vincent Athena

Summary: Previous work has indicated that life in Anoikis and human life had the same origin. This brings up the question of how life originally came to planets in Anoikis.

The ?molecular clock? method was used to estimate how long ago life in Anoikis and life in known space had a common ancestor. In the molecular clock method random changes to segments of ?junk? DNA are examined and compared between organisms. Changes in these segments occur randomly, accumulate over time, and are not selected for by evolution. By seeing how different a given segment of junk DNA is between two organisms, an estimate can be made as to how long ago they had a common ancestor.

For this case, microorganisms that live in known space and those that live in Anoikis were compared.

It was found that life in Anoikis split from life in known space during the dark ages, the time period between the closure of the eve gate and the rebirth of civilization. Apparently, during this time, some space-faring civilization survived, or arose much faster than has been assumed. This civilization appears to have moved to Anoikis and made use of the planets.

Some organisms were found that had a common ancestor with life in known space about a year ago. This is likely contamination from recent capsuleer activity in Anoikis.

This abstract relates to research undertaken by the Arek'Jaalan Project.

Authorized for capsuleer dissemination under the CONCORD Freedom of Distribution Act (Alpha-One-Five), YC 113.11.4

Further copies of this document can be obtained through the Arek'Jaalan administrative site, located in the Eram system.