Arek'Jaalan: Mission Statement

 Type ID4338
Volume0.10 m3
Mass1.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID4338
Group IDResearch Data [1141]
Race ID4


The Arek'Jaalan Project was founded to act as a cross-organizational research body and common ground for capsuleers to share information about the Sleeper civilization and related matters. The goals of the project are, relative to similar bodies, both simple to understand and quite humble. Put simply, our aim is to research, document and educate.

Research: We aim to posit and debate theories, study known facts and uncover new ones, and use every other method available to deepen our understanding of the Sleepers and related subjects.

Document: Through extensive use of open networks, and with the help of key staff, we aim to document all of the information shared between project members, from everyday communication to large-scale research projects.

Educate: Using our body of contributors and their documented research as a foundation, we aim to educate other capsuleers about our work, and to encourage wider capsuleer interest in scientific matters by presenting information openly and accessibly.

In its initial phase, the project aims to build a ?foundational? body of documented research, at which point a larger focus will begin to be placed on the goal of education.

It should be emphasized that Arek'Jaalan does not aim to produce new technologies, and in particular that we take an active stance against any further weaponization of Sleeper or other technologies. We aim for something more benign and progressive.

It should be similarly noted that much of our work lies in centralizing and documenting scattered, yet publicly available, information. In the absence of these hard facts, we turn to educated theory. Although there is always the risk of information being used for immoral ends, it should be remembered what the majority of our work at the Arek'Jaalan project actually amounts to, and that our own stance is to be firmly against such actions.

Overwhelmingly, the current focus of interest in capsuleer research is applied science, particularly weaponization. The work we do is intended to help humanity, and science as a whole, not just the capsuleer military-industrial cycle. Arek'Jaalan stands apart from the destructive mainstream; as an alternative way for capsuleers to use their unique capabilities.