Enlistment (Caldari) for Naval Capsuleers

Volume0.01MTQ0.01 m3
Mass0.01KGM0.01 kg
Capacity0.0MTQ0.00 m3


Pilot, we want you!

Welcome to the Caldari State's naval capsuleer program. The State's future is in your hands. Wear your standard issue beret with pride and join the action by speaking to your local recruitment officer about advancing in New Eden's Careers.

You have received 2 standard issue frigates. To get you into the heat of battle as quickly as possible, we have supplied you with standard combat ship equipment. To fit your ship, make one of the Merlins your active ship then click on the link for this Merlin fitting. From there you can fit your entire ship with one click, as well as save the fitting to Aura's databanks for future use.

At the same time, why not activate a SKIN license? These SKIN licenses are permanent once activated and can be applied to any and all Merlin-class ships you'll ever fly. We have provided you with one license for yourself and one spare, to trade or gift to a fellow pilot.

As a reward for joining our naval capsuleer program we have included 110 PLEX in your Naval Enlistment package. These special items individually contain small amounts of the quantum-entangled molecules that make FTL communications and advanced operation of your capsule possible.
PLEX are also highly valuable and can be traded with other capsuleers or used to purchase a variety of goods and services from the New Eden Store. Not least of the benefits of PLEX items is that they can be used to upgrade your Clone State from Alpha to Omega! Find out more about PLEX.

Finally, you have been issued with a blueprint for improved equipment. Please read the associated guide for full instructions.

For the State!