Wide-Area Automata Command Pylon

Volume130,000,000.00 m3
Mass2,000,000,000.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3


This Triglavian command and control structure appears to relay instructions to rogue drones within its local space. The powerful signals apparently combine subversion routines with tactical routing and will interfere with the operation of capsuleer drones.

+20% velocity and +10% damage for all local rogue drones
-30% velocity and -15% damage for all local capsuleer drones

Convocation of the Troika of the Vodya Subclade of Veles Clade divined purpose for the deviant automata in the flow of Vyraj. The Koschoi of Vodya made a casting that the winnowing of the clades would be served by turning poshlost to sobornost. The Navka of Vodya gave this noema profound reverse-time sense and grounded the metaxy. The Narodnya of Vodya accepted the volition and merge-consented with the Koschoi and Navka of Troika Vodya. In this scribing is the working of the flow revealed as law. ? partial translation of markings found on a Triglavian Automata Command Pylon