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Sani Sabik Sermon

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"... and in Scripture God says, you are all my creation! You are all equal in my kingdom! We all can become His chosen, if only we rise! If only we rise. If only we rise.

They won't teach you that part of Scripture in the Empire. Whether you are Minmatar or whether you are Ealur, or whether you are Ni-Kunni or even whether you are some common-blooded True Amarr, if you are not one of them in power they do not want you to know that. Because they do not want you to be one of them. They do not want to have to share that power. They don't want to share that power with you. But is that God's will?

Is that what God wants from us? No! You are equal in my kingdom! That is what God says! Whether you are Minmatar or Ealur or Ni-Kunni or True Amarr, you are all His creation! You have to rise. If you keep submitting then that's all you're ever going to do. That's all you're ever going to be. That's not what God wants. That is not what God wants.

Rise. Reclaim yourself. You are powerful not because you were born that way or because your family has a lot of money or because someone gave it to you. You are powerful because you are you. You are God's Chosen. We are all God's Chosen. As long as we choose to be. We have to choose to rise."

– Transcript of a sermon given to worshippers by the Sani Sabik priest Sharham Kaholan, an Ealur.