Brutix Dragon Phoenix SKIN

 Type ID54430
Volume0.01 m3
Mass0 kg
Capacity0 m3
Type Info
Type ID54430
Group IDPermanent SKIN [1950]
Meta Group IDPremium [17]
Race ID8
Skin License
 Skin materialDragon Phoenix
 SkinBrutix Dragon Phoenix
 License forBrutix
 Single useFalse


Many cultures of New Eden have mythological figures or creatures that share common features with those found elsewhere, even far across the stars on the worlds of different empires. Such a legendary beast, or sometimes pair of creatures, that shows up in many places is the Dragon Phoenix. The various versions of the Dragon Phoenix found across New Eden vary in details but are all known as harbingers of good fortune and symbols of rebirth.

The vast Gallente Federation, with its myriad cultures and states, has many instances of this mythology present in various forms, including versions where the beast is one legendary creature, accounts of twinned creatures, and even one where the 'Dragon' and the 'Phoenix' marry and become one. This myth is far less common among the Caldari, with their Way of the Winds, and the Amarr with their all-pervading monotheistic religion.

Even so, the native traditional Caldari still living on Caldari Prime have an echo of the idea in their ancient myths; the Achura Stargazers translate the notion into certain of their ideas; and certain cult tales of the Khanid may cloak the myth under layers of Amarr religious trappings. For their part, the Minmatar tribes keep a plethora of totemic creatures and tell many fabulous tales in the traditions of their clans and caravans. Creatures akin to the fantastic Dragon Phoenix are quite at home in the animistic and shamanic cultures of the Minmatar.