Stabber Zakura Shumyu SKIN

 Type ID57066
Volume0.01 m3
Mass0 kg
Capacity0 m3
Type Info
Type ID57066
Group IDPermanent SKIN [1950]
Meta Group IDPremium [17]
Race ID2
Skin License
 Skin materialZakura Shumyu
 SkinStabber Zakura Shumyu
 License forStabber
 Single useFalse


The concept of 'Zakura Shumyu' encapsulates an idealized existential humility of the citizenry of the Caldari State in the presence of something greater, symbolized by the wind passing through Zakura cherry blossoms. Zakura Hansei refers to the large family of ornamental cherry trees that feature heavily in Caldari State parks and executive aboriculture. The Zakura cherry trees and their blossoms have become a part of Caldari symbolism dating back to the formation of the first corporations on Caldari Prime.

Cherry trees are found on the home worlds of the four major empires where growing conditions and land permits. Popular as an ornamental tree for the mass flowering of cherry blossoms that break out as warm seasons begin, there are many varieties found across New Eden. Cherry trees of the Zakura Hansei family became popular with the Caldari, particularly as the hardier varieties were able to fluorish in the more temperate regions of the notoriously cold Caldari Prime. In the Caldari State, the large and splendid Zakura Bazei variety is often a feature of corporate parks and executive class gardens.

The Caldari gave the name 'Zakura' to these blossoming trees and these varieties are known by that name as far afield as the ornamental arboretums of the Amarr Empire. In a historical irony, this family of cherry trees is actually native to Gallente Prime, and the cherry was not known on Caldari Prime until it was introduced some time after first contact with the Gallente.