Men's Federation Stargate Crew Pants

 Type ID58793
Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID58793
Group IDBottoms [1090]


The Gallente Federation's stargates are generally operated according to a classic Gallente compromise between competing political, corporate and military interests. Although the federal franchise system would seem to apply to stargates, the role of gates in travel, communications and security resulted in considerable debate as to which of the key franchises: shipping, security, or communications would apply to the gates. Ultimately, the Federation Senate decided that the stargate network was inherently a matter for the Federal Administration, and the Federal Stargate Authority is consequently one of the largest agencies within the Gallente government. Despite much dissatisfaction among Gallente member states and corporations at this compromise, the Federal Navy, Customs, and Gallente Police Directorate strongly support it and all supply qualified engineers to crew the gates. Federation stargate crews usually wear the standardized gear issued by the Secure Commerce Commission suitably customized to reflect their allegiance and preferred working practices.

Stargates are crewed by small numbers of dedicated engineers despite a high degree of automation and the use of maintenance drones. Stargate crews are required to oversee routine maintenance, carry out tasks arising from problems automated systems are not capable of handling, and provide a first response in the event of emergencies. Under the Yulai Convention, CONCORD's Secure Commerce Commission has overall responsibility for maintaining standards for FTL travel and communications. However, each of the core empires construct and maintain gates on their territories using crews that are typically drawn from their militaries or leading space industrial corporations.