Women's State Stargate Crew Shoes

 Type ID58818
Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID58818
Group IDFootwear [1091]


Like any of the core empires, the Caldari State places great emphasis on the efficient running of its stargate network and any given gate is usually crewed by experienced engineers, usually from one of the "Big 8" megacorporations according to the operating and maintenance contracts in place for any given gate. Certain stargates are also directly controlled by the Caldari Navy or State Peacekeepers, with the CEP usually adopting this practice for gates critical to the security of the State or when the megacorporations are unwilling to allow any one of their number to control a particular stargate. State stargate crews generally wear the standardized gear issued by the Secure Commerce Commission suitably customized to reflect their allegiance and preferred working practices.

Stargates are crewed by small numbers of dedicated engineers despite a high degree of automation and the use of maintenance drones. Stargate crews are required to oversee routine maintenance, carry out tasks arising from problems automated systems are not capable of handling, and provide a first response in the event of emergencies. Under the Yulai Convention, CONCORD's Secure Commerce Commission has overall responsibility for maintaining standards for FTL travel and communications. However, each of the core empires construct and maintain gates on their territories using crews that are typically drawn from their militaries or leading space industrial corporations.