Women's Federation Commander's Dress Pants

Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3


Upper-echelon commanders of the Gallente Federation Navy are regularly called upon to attend and brief the President's office, Federal Senate committees, and Federation Administration agencies, and must appear in formal dress uniform. Ranks of commander and above are also posted to roles at every level of the vast and complex polity that is the Gallente Federation. Liaison postings with federal governors, system and planetary assemblies, member states and territories, to only list a few, are roles that regularly require officers to wear formal dress. The Federation Navy emphasizes a strong cohesive identity through its colors and uniforms but a certain amount of variation is allowed for according to service divisions, specialities, and other distinctions.

These smartly tailored dress pants are intended to be worn with the Federation Commander's Dress Jacket, and suitable shoes or boots, to complete the formal dress uniform.